10 Beautiful Open Closet Ideas For Sophisticated Home

Open Closet Ideas-Everyone wants to have a room only made for their shoes, clothes, and other accessories. Having your own closet could be a good idea for your home since your clothing down to your shoes are properly organized. However, noeveryone able to have their own room just for their clothes and other stuff.

Nonetheless, this problem can be resolved since there are ways that can be used which will help you to have an alike walk-in closet.

When it comes to decluttering which is becoming a trend today, the best way is to have an open closet that is also receiving popularity. With an open-closet, you don’t need to purchase a wardrobe which is expensive and may become a burden to your finances. An open closet is just like a walk-in closet but the difference is that you will be the one to create your own closet and there are open closet ideas that you can do which will help you create your own.

An open closet is created to organize things in a specific space and make the area look attractive and enticing. If you are someone who would like to make use of your available space and would like to turn it into your own open closet, here are ten open closet ideas that you can use which will help you to successfully plan your own closet.

1. When It Gets Messy


There are times that your open closet will be messy especially when you forgot to fold or arrange your clothes. One of the closet ideas that you can do is to hang a cabana or a curtain on your open closet which will help in hiding your belongings. With this, your things are also given the privacy that it needs and will avoid visitors to see your messy belongings. A pastel colored fabric is a good choice as a cover for your messy stuff.

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2. Half-closed


Keeping it half-closed is one of the open closet ideas that you can do. If you want to keep your stuff hidden but still a bit open, then you can hang a curtain in the middle. A long curtain is better which will work as an accent wall in your bedroom. Choosing the right color of the fabric, it can distract the eyes of the onlookers – instead of looking into your open closet, they will focus on your bed’s headboard.

3. IKEA Design


If you want to sport an IKEA design for your open closet, you can do so. This is one of the open closet ideas that you can do where you can display your clothes or stuff just like it is arranged in an IKEA shelf. Your clothes, shoes, and accessories can become a wall art which will enhance the aesthetic of your home. You can also add some mirrors if there are still spaces.

4. Wooden Shelves


If you want to have an open closet made of wood, you can have wooden shelves which will serve as your closet. A wooden shelf is one of the open closet ideas which will not only keep your things organized but it will also improve the artistry and functionality of your room. You can also include a carpet and a mirror in your room if you want this open closet idea.

5. Mix and Match


If you wish to have an open closet that you see on magazines, you can make it possible. Mix and match are one of the open closet ideas that you can use which will allow you to achieve an open closet like in a home & décor magazine. This idea can be made possible if you keep your space organized. The hanging clothes racks and the shelves can be combined for you to achieve a storage area where you can display your clothes and other belongings.

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6. Wood and Metal Clothes Rack


Your DIY skills may play a big role if you want to have an open closet. The wood and metal clothes rack is just among the open closet ideas that you can do today. You can create your own clothing rack by using some of the materials such as metal pipes, wood, and old pallets. With these materials, you can achieve a rustic open closet. If there is room for clothes, of course, there is also a room for shoes with this idea.

7. Scandinavian Design


Combining a white floor, neutral colors, and white walls, you can achieve a Scandinavian design which can also improve the brightness of your room. This is one of the open closet ideas that you can do because having a large wardrobe may not be suitable since it can eat all the spaces. The clothes can be displayed just like you are in a designer shop.

8. Scaffolding Tube and Filing Cabinet


If you have a scaffolding in your home and also a filing cabinet, you can make it into an open closet and this is one of the ideas that you can do. You can have a fashionable and cool open closet which will give your open closet a minimalist look.

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9. Metal Shelves


If saving spaces is what you are looking for, metal shelves are open closet ideas which you do for your room. Wall-mounted shelves can be a good solution for your open closet since you can change it from time to time. You can hang a maxi dress in this closet and can modify the displays whenever you want.

10. Closet as Headboard


If you want your favorite items to be displayed, then your headboard can become an open closet. This is again one of the open closet ideas that you can use which can make a big but beautiful difference in your room. This idea can work perfectly if the colors of the room are on neutral.

Having an open closet is much cheaper than having a walk-in closet where you also have to install several storages. But with an open closet, curtains, wooden and metal shelves, filing cabinets, metal racks, and more are enough to give you an open closet without spending thousands of money.


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