12 Unique Bonus Room Ideas for Your Home

Bonus Room Ideas-Do you have any space in your home that seems to be empty but you have no idea how to fulfill it? Or maybe you just thing it is kind of ugly and you want to change it. Perhaps you need and extra room for your hobbies. To help you solve this situation, you can create a bonus room in your house.

What is a bonus room?
A bonus room is a room that is not fitted to accommodate kitchen apparels, nor be a room or other of the normal rooms in a house. It has no closets and can fit anywhere you need. Do you have an area that has a low ceiling, like a garage, for instance? That’s good. You can put a bonus room atop of it and take advantage of this once unused space.

Creative ideas to improve the looks of your house

1. Pantry Room


If you have and empty space that is near your kitchen, you can get creative and transform it into a pantry. Doing this will allow you to store your food supply and culinary utensils in one secure and organized place. Having a pantry has an additional advantage, that is to allow you to release some space in the kitchen by removing counters and redesigning the room’s layout. This way you can get a more efficient, less time-consuming kitchen that will allow you to spend time elsewhere.

2. Party Room


If you often receive friends in your home or you like to throw parties, you can make the bonus room your very own disco floor. Since it is for party purposes, you can let loose your imagination and paint it in a multitude of colors. The furniture for this kind of room is pretty nonexistent. All you will need is a disco ball in the center of the room, a shiny floor and a bar to store the drinks and you are all set. Let’s party!

3. Dance Studio


Speaking of which, no party can be done without dances. Well, they can, but these kinds of parties usually suck. If you decide not to make your party room, you can instead turn it into a dance studio, so you can practice those killer moves to be the star at the parties!

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4. Personal Gym


If you are not the kind of people who enjoys partying all night, but you still like to exercise yourself, you could create your own personal gym inside your house. All you will need is a bunch of gym equipment, a sound system to keep you motivated and you are set. No more excuses to skip gym because it is too far away and you are tired.

5. Personal Cinema


Do you love movies so much you always wanted to have your very own cinema at home? Yes? Me too. The good news is that it is possible and not only that, is not that expensive.

To make your own movie room, you will need lots of things. One of the most important ones are the sofas. One does not simply watch movies in uncomfortable sofas. It is folly. You should take the most comfortable sofa you can find and buy it. But don’t forget that it must have lots of space. What is the use of having a personal cinema if you are going to watch alone?

Another very important (if not the most) thing is the screen. You can choose between getting a TV set of at least 55 inches or you can use a white screen. The latter is cheaper, but you will have to buy a separate screen projector to get to see the movies. If you chose the first option, you should invest in getting a Blu-ray player and a 4K TV (by the time of this writing, 8K TV sets were not available to purchase) set for the best results.

6. Art Studio


If the 4th, 6th and 7th Arts (music, dancing and cinema, respectively) are not to your liking, maybe the 2nd and the 3rd (Sculpting and Painting) ones are your thing. In this case, you can create an art studio directed more to the practicing of the manual forms of art. Pottery, plastic arts, painting. You name it. You can even make it a handicraft studio.

7. Home Office


You may be a writer like me, a stock trader, a web designer or other kind of job that allows you to work from home. If that is so, you can make your home office in that sparing small room you have and that you never found a utility to.
You can transform it into a server room, if you are one of the information technology professionals, you can turn it into a sewing room, if that’s your need too. The thing is, you can get creative and make the most of that unused space to earn some money!

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8. Study Room


If you are still in the college or you have kids that need a place to study without the distraction of their electronics, this is the perfect solution.

It is no secret that with all the electronics that we use demanding our attention at every second, that studying got even harder. To minimize distractions, you can take advantage of that spare room you have to create a bunker where you can safely study without interruptions.

The first thing you should do it to cover all the walls with soundproof foam, like the ones they use in music studios. These foams insulate the sound from both sides, helping the room to be as quiet as possible. You should also put a thick and fluffy carpet to minimize step sounds.

A fluffy carpet also has a nice sensation to the touch and when you walk barefoot or with socks, is helps to relax you, as it tingles the sensitive skin of the feet.

If the bonus room has windows, there are soundproof glasses on the market for you to buy.
Note: Do not forget to include an air conditioning system and to not obstruct it with the soundproof foam.

9. Playroom to Your Children


If you have children, you know how much messy they can be. Toys all over the place, drawing on the walls and all the other kinds of chaos they are able to unleash. To preserve the integrity of the rest of your house, you might consider sacrificing the bonus room to let your children set loose their imagination.

There they will be able to crayon the wall as much as they want, to spread the toys all over the room and will not bother anyone. You can even put a tv to entertain them with their favorite movies and tv shows. If your kid is a toddler, you can install a fence, take off all the power outlets and other dangerous elements that are a risk to them and let them be the happy little devils we all adore.

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10. Personal Spa


If you are not a parent, you might want to invest a bit in yourself then. I already talked about having a personal gym and other forms of self-improvement, but this time is about self-care. You might want to transform your bonus room into your personal spa. You can put a bubble bath tub, a TV and other kinds of furniture to make it as you please. It will be a place to relax.

11. Hobby Room


While your hobbies may be sculpting, painting or other forms of entertainment already listed here, you can have some hobbies that do not falls into one of the previous examples. One of those such activities is roleplaying games. If you have a group of friends that plays Dungeons & Dragons with you, you should consider making it your own Castle of Adventures. All you will need are lots of shelves to store the books, a round table large enough to fit you all and you are done. Time to roll the dices!

12. Guest Room


We already covered the matter of when you receive lots of friends in your house, but that was only to party. But what when someone stays over the night? What to do when your mother-in-law pays a visit? You can host her in a small, but comfy room that will attend to all her needs, while not wasting too much space of your house. All she will need to sleep is a comfortable bed and a wardrobe to store her clothes and it is done.

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