13 The Best Stone Patio Ideas

Stone Patio Ideas- Everybody wants to change their home a little from time to time. And I think that it is a good idea to start from the outdoor living spaces. You may have a beautiful garden, a beautiful swimming pool, etc. Every of those things may come with a simple wooden deck and that is fine, but you can always innovate and create something completely new and that your friends and relatives do not have in their homes: what do you think of replacing simple wooden decks by beautiful stone patios?

If you want more space in your home, rather than upgrading to a larger home, you could expand your living space outdoors. As a result of this decision, your patio can become larger, more luxurious, and more sheltered.

As you may know, outdoor patios have become hubs of activity geared towards entertaining and relaxing. A well-designed patio will not only add additional living space to your home, but also increase its resale value.


One may think that it may be cheaper or easier to work with wooden decks, but the reality is completely different from what people might think about outdoor decoration. Actually, with stone patios, you are completely free to create interesting and innovative designs and shapes.

To tell you the truth, many people I know have chosen to use stone patios in their outdoor living spaces and they transformed it completely.

What may happen after you change your decoration from wooden decks to stone patios is that it may the topic of discussion in your neighborhood for days because everybody who sees a stone patio notes that it have a series of advantages in comparison with wooden decks:

  • Although wooden decks may be less expensive than stone patios at the first moment, they require constant repairing because, of course, wood is less resistant than stone.
  • Wooden decks also may offer more of places to be installed, but you have to be cautious with the place where you install your wooden decks because, for example, a wet floor may ruin the wood after some time. It would not happen with stone patios, correct?
  • Wooden decks can increase a home’s perceived value by up to 10%. At the same time, stone patios may increase a home’s perceived value by up to 12%. It is obvious that stone patios are more valuable than wooden decks. Don’t you think?

Of course, whether wooden decks are better than stone patios depends a lot on the reasons the homeowner is changing the outdoor living spaces and the way the house was built. Even though, what is most seen in the majority of houses is that stone patios tend to be better than wooden decks.

The type of stone you choose for your backyard will have a big impact on its look and feel. In the next paragraphs, I will describe a series of different patterns of stone patios and I will give you ideas about how to create designs that will fit your backyard.

Next, you are going to find tips and ideas for using different types of stone materials to create a gorgeous looking patio design you and the whole family will love.


So, why don’t you change your outdoor living spaces completely? Why would you want to stick for the same old patterns if you can create something completely new in your garden?

Fortunately, more and more people are looking for stone patios and architectures and decorators are studying new ways to work with stone patios. It means they are creating new designs and shapes. There are a lot of different designs for stone patios and I will describe each one of them for you in a very easy-to-go way.

There are two major different patterns: Random Rectangle Pattern and Irregular Pattern or Crazy Paving. Random Rectangle Pattern is excellent for those who will use their backyard as a place to receive their guest and have a dinner because it is completely flat and excellent for table and chairs. It also offers a more formal look.


On the other hand, Irregular Pattern or Crazy Paving is aimed for a more casual and informal audience. If you will have a backyard free of furniture, Crazy Paving is excellent since it will preserve the natural look of the stone and it will delight your guests.

Other advantage of stone patios is that many plants may start to grow between the stones of your backyard. Among the plants that you can find between the stones are: baby tears, dichondra, mint, sedum and moss. They may offer a more organic look for your stone patio.

The cost of Random Rectangle Pattern and Irregular Pattern may be the same depending on region to region, the amount of flagstone needed, as well as the type and color of flagstone.


The homeowner may expect to pay between $15 and $30 per square foot. Because flagstone is expensive, you can choose to use it in conjunction with other materials such as concrete, bricks or manufactured pavers.

It is also interesting to talk a little about the use of bricks in the decoration of outdoor living places. Bricks have been popular for years to decorate houses.

A brick patio is great for homes that already have walls made of bricks. For example, making the indoors and outdoors feel connected. Brick patios have a timeless appeal that complements traditional architecture, yet they can also be adapted to suit more modern home styles.

It is also worth noting that bricks offer a lot of benefits. Brick patios can be organized in a variety of surfaces. Additionally, brick patios have a rich color that never fades, they are easy to repair, they are authentic and offer a quality look, they are durable and will last for years and they are also customizable and offer many pattern options.


There are also a variety of styles and combinations of stones, plants, furniture that will create different kinds of decorations for your backyard. Decorator have also created name for these styles. That is the case of Mediterranean Style Patio: it focuses on creating a more Mediterranean look for your backyard. The main stone used in this style is the limestone.

The homeowner can also combine light beige and dark brown furniture with flagstone patio to create a Contemporary Style for your backyard. As it is done with the Mediterranean Style, the Contemporary Style also uses limestone. Furniture with a more contemporary touch may be used to complement the look of this style.

Another possible style is the Paver Stone Patio, which features a more Classic Style. And it bets on the use of colored stones to provide a more vivid and at the same time, classic look for the backyard. This look is built with the use of sandstone.


If you want a more Rustic Style for your backyard, you should opt for flagstones and organize them according to the Irregular Pattern or Crazy Paving, which was discussed before. Flagstones are also used in the Spanish Style. This style bets on wooden furniture made of very dark wood and on pillows of vibrant colors.

It may have flagstones and sandstones used together. Another much known style and very common in America is the flagstone around a tree. As it may be seen on a variety of places, it is built around a pine tree and has a very childish look that may remind you of fairytales.

You can also look for a more Country Style. It has a lot to do with the Rustic Style, but it has a more far-west touch. The main point of this style is the fire pit at the center of the stone patio. It can reproduce a cozy feeling to the people who will enjoy the time they will pass there.


It is also notable that blue pillows will give a different touch to the decoration of the place, but it will not transform in a Spanish Style, because it already has the central fire pit that is a huge symbol of the Country Style. Another characteristic in common with the Spanish Style is the wooden furniture that gives at the same time, a more rustic and Spanish touch to your backyard.

As previously said plants can give a special look to your backyard and make your stone patio more vivid and organic, right? But what if you make it possible? That is the case of this next style that has a very obvious name: Grass with Stone Style.


In this style, the decorator chooses to maintain a larger space between the stone of the stone patio and, thus, the grass will start to grow through the space between the stones making it look cool and it was not possible to have a stone patio there. It can give the house a more traditional look since it will look like there is a stone patio there for more time than actually is.

Another possible style is the Brick Style. As previously discussed, the use of bricks can be very valuable when one is building its own stone patio. That is the case of this style. If you want to bet on bricks, have in mind that it must be a combination between the walls of your house and the floor of your stone patio.


For example, if your house is entirely made of red bricks, you can build a stone patio made of the same bricks and there will be a great connection between the house and the outdoor area.

In addition to those cited styles, there are a lot of other styles out there. Feel free to look for those styles, to create new styles and always talk to your decorator and ask him/her for new ways to decorate your outdoor living areas because it is very important to stay updated.

I am certain that after you reform the outdoor of your house, it will be a lot more comfortable for your family and the house and also will be a lot more valuable. In most cases, keep in mind that stone patios may be better than wooden decks and they may offer a new variety of ways to decorate your backyard.


It is also a good idea to look for different decorators since they will have different opinion on the way you can organize the furniture and what kind of stone you can choose. Since the use of this kind of decoration is still at the beginning, every decorator will have a different opinion and style.

So, if you choose for the use of stones to decorate your backyard, be certain to search and look for every style you can. I am very certain you would made a great decision after you build your first stone patio.

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