15+ Beautiful Small White Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathrooms can sometimes be hard to get just right. There’s a lot of pressure to have them looking just a certain way, but you’re going to be able to really make them fun and transformative if you focus on making it work for you.

So, let’s limit the options to those who are hoping to make a  with white as base color.  While it sounds limited, you’ll see that there is a lot to play around with in the look and feel of it, so take a look for yourself!

Open up tiles and brick


First thing’s first. A clean white bathroom is going to be all yours when you pick the right tile or brick pattern. Whether you need to tile the room yourself, or simply clean up and white-wash what you’ve already got going for you, choose wisely. This is going to be the base of your new room. The point in this is to make it a crisp white, and not an off-white. Check other nice tile ideas here: 18+ Amazing Bathroom Tile Pattern Ideas

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Pick a pattern in the flooring


When putting the flooring down, you can go with standard white flooring, or you can add some gentle patterns into it. The point is to make it so that it feels and looks like something you’ve designed carefully for yourself.  Get something that really makes it feel like its your room.

Stay minimalist


Small bathrooms mean that you need to cut the clutter. Store everything out of sight and remember that you are going to have to keep the space clean and clear of anything that is going to distract the eye from the clean and white lines that you are working hard to make yourself.  This is important, so take it seriously to make sure that your bathroom gets to make the impression that it deserves.

Add in touches of colour in the accessories


When you are picking the accessories for your room, you need to make it as bright as possible. Pick colours in bright hues for towels, soap containers, everything.  This will blind you with white and startle you with colour.  All in the best possible way, of course!

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Make it smart space


As noted, you need to keep things minimal in terms of clutter and mess. So, make sure that you put your effort into creating a smart storage space so that you can enjoy all of the perks that it is going to bring you and your guests, both.

Graphic by Emily Svenson

Remodeling a bathroom also provides an increased home resale value, with a return on investment of up to 80 percent.

The average bathroom remodel cost $11,364 in 2016, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, with about 20 percent of that being labor cost.

A survey by NKBA on design trends showed that half of respondents paid between $10,000 and $29,999 for a bathroom remodel, while 31 percent reported paying more than $30,000.

1. Shining Bathroom

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2. White-Brick Small Bathroom

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3. One-Way Bathroom

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4. Grey-White Small Bathroom

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5. Elegant Small Bathroom

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6. Look-Large Small Bathroom

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7. Classic Small Bathroom

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8. Minimalist Small Bathroom

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9. Expensive Small Bathroom

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10. Toilet

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We all get nervous about creating the perfect space, so help yourself out by putting together the right elements that will all come together to give you a transformative space that is going to be all things memorable.

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White is fun and fresh and it will liven up the small space that you have available to you.  All you need to do is use it to the fullest and you’ll be able to see that it can all come together for you when you put it in the right frame of mind.


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