18+ Ideas (and Tips) to Create Great Small Bathrooms

Having a small property area restricts your ability to get creative with the bathroom. However, many small bathroom ideas look beautiful, elegant, and even expensive. The key is to create a balance between visual, comfort, and space efficiency. Here are several tips you must immediately follow before designing a small bathroom.

How to Make the Bathroom Look Bigger

“Illusion of space” is a popular design to apply in a small space, including the bathroom. There are several ways you can make a small bathroom look bigger, such as:

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The mirror is effective to create an illusion of a larger room. You can install a large mirror on one side of the bathroom, and make sure that the mirror reflects all the bathroom space. It will make the bathroom look bigger.

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If you want to create separate functional areas (shower stall, closet, sink place), use glass panels as partitions. They make the bathroom feel more spacious and reduce stuffy feeling.

  • Use stainless steel fixtures

Stainless steel is a popular material for small bathroom fixtures. It is sleek, cheap, and comes in various unique shapes. Stainless fixtures also give your modern bathroom look. Stainless fixtures also look great with various accent colors in the bathroom.

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  • Use light colors as the main shades

White is a safe option for a small bathroom, but if you think it is boring, choose light colors. Shades such as mint green, sky blue, pastel pink, yellow, or beige are great for basic colors. To make the bathroom more interesting, use brighter or deeper colors as accents, such as on the decorations, fixtures, or window and mirror accents.

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The natural light source is important to make a small bathroom looks bigger. You must consider installing a window that is large enough to allow natural light. Provide blinds or frosted glass panel to ensure privacy if necessary.

  • Provide additional light sources.

Additional light sources can make your bathroom look bigger by illuminating the other corners. Putting wall lamps near the corner, sink, and mirror, for example, can provide you with additional light to do things more clearly. You can also opt for multiple ceiling lights to illuminate the bathroom and save space.

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A tiny bathroom will get more advantages from a shower instead of a bathtub. You can focus on creating a nice shower stall. If you still want a tub, put the shower head directly above the tub. The tub model should not be too bulky.

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These tricks are common among owners of small bathrooms. Try some or all of them and see how your small bathroom will look bigger.

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Tips for Smarter Storage Space

Smart storage space is important for a small bathroom. You can consider several smart saving alternatives to save space. Sometimes, you even need to get creative with the bathroom design or layout. Here are some tricks to create smart storage spaces:

  • Make wall shelves in the shower stall

Creating wall shelves in a shower stall give you access to bath products without adding bulging fixtures. You can make multiple vertical shelves on the wall to save more space for products.

Corner space is a potential storage space for a small bathroom. Install corner shelves to put bathroom products that you need to access quickly, such as shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. They will not take up much space, and your bathroom will feel bigger.

  • Choose alternative vanity table

Vanity table and countertop are important, but they can take up much space, especially if you don’t have additional room for it. You can use alternative vanity table, such as the floating one. Use the room underneath it to place laundry basket or other removable storage space.

  • Use space-saving sink model

Various trendy sink models also save floor space. You can choose a pedestal or floating sink instead of the more traditional style.

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Hanging cabinets are better options for the small bathroom than a floor cabinet. They save more space and are further from moisture, especially if you don’t have a separate room for bathroom supplies. Choose cabinets with glass doors to make the bathroom seem larger.

  • Get straightforward with the design

Finally, make sure all your design aspects are straightforward. Lose the unnecessary decorations and features, and replace them with slimmer or subtler alternatives. Your bathroom will look elegant in a subtle way.

These small bathroom ideas are not just beautiful, but they also make you feel relaxed and comfortable when taking a simple shower.

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