20 DIY Plant Stands That Let You Explore Your Creativity

Diy Plant Stand-Aside from the fact that plants look great, the reality is that they also do a very good job at making your home healthier. They eliminate the high levels of CO2 and they are extremely helpful in this regard. On the other hand, you can bring in front some solutions that will make your plants look great and a lot more interesting.

Here are some impressive ideas that you can focus on and which will bring you a rather distinct visual experience. Some of these ideas are minimalist, others are rather impressive, so try to check them out!

1. Piano Stool

You don’t need to have a very elaborate plant stand. Many times, a simpler stand will help pay off a lot. You need to consider making it a matte white, although you can opt for other colors as well. The idea is to not use just a single color. Try to use more if you want and in the end that can come in handy.

Of course, make it feel natural, so a simpler color like white can be better. You want the flower to be a true star here, not something else. Do that and results will indeed pay off a lot!

2. DIY Metal Lantern Plant Stand

Kmart has a very interesting hack that gives you plenty of value for your money. The idea here is to add in a metal lantern that you can use as a stand. This certainly pays off and it will provide you with tons of value for your money. Just check it out and you will find results to be rather impressive and distinct.

Do that and you will not be disappointed. Please keep in mind that white is the best colors you can choose here, don’t go with another color as it can make the entire stand less appealing.

3. DIY Wire Plant Stand

This is a DIY project that doesn’t need a lot of effort. The idea is to make sure that you get a used lamp shade that has wires and use those wires in a very simple, distinct manner. The results can be very good and in the end the experience can be rather delightful.

Do that right away and you will certainly appreciate the value for your money. You can easily find some great lampshade frames at the local store, so there is a lot of value here!

4. Mini Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand DIY

A simple stand that has tapered legs will be more than ok here. A natural, appealing look can easily bring you tons of value, so try to keep that in mind. Of course, you can keep the plant in a rock based vase, as that will offer you even more interesting features.

You just need to have the right approach as the value can be very well worth it! You can be creative when it comes to the color, but don’t experiment too much!

5. Rope + Copper Plant Stand DIYs

Copper and rope are perfect materials for a plant stand. You can take your time as you find the right approach here, but most of the time a simpler stand will be very well worth it. Just remember to take your time, focus on value and the experience can be a rather delightful one for sure.

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The idea here is to use a copper spray in case you can’t use copper for your particular plant. You need a flat top, and then you wrap some rope around. This will bring in perfection and it will offer you the type of value and quality that you may need. It’s certainly worth a shot, because in the end the results can be very well worth it!

6. DIY Copper Pipe + Wood Slice Side Table

Thanks to this copper and wood stand, you get to combine the traditional and rustic ideas! If you are a fan of plant stands and you want something that can bring you a resounding value for your money, the experience can be worth it for sure.

It’s a delightful, unique experience that you will enjoy quite a bit. This is a simple stand, but one that does show value and quality. It really shines and it brings in front a resounding experience, so try to keep that in mind and you will like it quite a bit.

7. Skinny Planter Stand DIY

This is a very interesting DIY project and a delightful one from that perspective. The simple fact that you can use window boxes in a very interesting and creative way. As long as you take your time here you will be able to see that the window box and the gold painted aluminum tubes can give you the value you need.

This is by far one of the best additions for the entry way but at the same time it can also impress you with the great set of visuals to begin with. There is certainly a lot of value here, so check this out as you will love the experience!

8. Bullet Planter DIY

The idea here is to use a planter in the shape of a cone with some steel rods that are weldable. What you receive in the end is a very distinct experience and some really impressive visuals. You will like the results quite a bit and the outcome can be a rewarding one because of it. Granted, there are a few challenges when it comes to getting this right, but you can do it. The minimalist look is well worth the effort and you do get a very good quality as a whole!

9. Acacia Wood Plant Stand DIY

This is a nice IKEA hack, what you have to do is to attach the acacia plates to the white metal circles via super glue. It’s important to try and focus on using some other types of tools as well. As long as you have the right approach, you will find this type of plant stand to suit just about any type of room. Creativity is key here, and you can approach it very well if you take your time. Usually, the color should be white, just to keep everything in place.

10. Mini Plant Stands

Using simple pots is always a very good idea, but you can opt for some pieces of wood. Use your nail gun and combine these, maybe even add some glue to them in order to make sure that they have a proper fit. The possibilities are limitless here, you just have to come with the right approach and the value can be very well worth it in the end. Keep in mind that all these great ideas are amazing in their own right, so just take your time and you will like the overall outcome, that’s for sure!

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11. West Elm-Inspired DIY Plant Stand

This plant stand is West-Elm inspired and it can easily be a stellar alternative to the stands sold in a store. The idea is that you can easily use a wide variety of dark and light wood types. You just have to figure out the type of feel and visuals you want from this, because in the end the experience can be very rewarding. Use that and you will like the results quite a bit. With just a simple approach, the outcome can be very good and you are free to perform the desired customizations.

12. DIY Pot Rack

Thanks to the DIY pot rack presented here you can bring in front some nice visuals. You just need to have some rope, wood and that’s it. Create such a unique and interesting set of pots that you combine with one another. The greenery will look amazing and your home can be second to none in the end.

There’s a great set of results to be had here, and in the end that’s exactly what you want to have in the end. As long as you do that, the experience can be really good. You don’t have to worry about color either, although mute tones would be great!

13. Portable Plant Cart

An older cart that you don’t use at this time can be a very good idea. You can easily use it on wheels and you can move it around if you want. Plus, such a cart can easily provide you with a way to store a wide range of flowers. You just have to be creative here, as the possibilities are amazing and you are free to choose the desired options as you desire.

14. TV Stand Transformed

You needed a TV stand a few decades ago, but current TV stations don’t really need on. Nowadays, you can use the TV stand without any problem as a plant stand. Not only is it sturdy, but with a great combination of colors you can obtain a very good value for your money and that’s exactly what you want to get in the end. When it comes to the paint colors you can use, just be creative. There are tons of options here!

15. One-Plant Stand

Most people are ok with having just a plant. If that’s the case, such a large plant stand can come in handy. Sure, you will need quite a bit of wood to create it, but it will look amazing and that’s what you want to have in the end. The experience is a rather delightful one and in the end you will find that the outcome can be second to none for sure. It’s definitely up to you to find the right pot color, but green or blue are a very good idea here!

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16. Wood Slice Plant Stand

If you can find a slice of wood from a tree, you may want to use it as a flower or plant pot. The idea is simple, you will be able to create this on the spot and it will offer you the perfect decoration for your home. If you really want to get a very good value for your money, this may be one of the best options out there, so try to do that and you will like the results for sure!

17. Concrete Planter + Wooden Stand DIY

Thanks to the minimalistic approach, you just need to add a concrete planter with some square wooden dowels. The results are very good and the experience on its own is very impressive. The idea is that you will have to deal with quite a bit of mess. Try to do that and in the end the results will be very good. It’s all about finding the right approach because this will bring you the combination you need!

18. Marble + Copper Plant Stand DIY

Yes, the marble and copper combination isn’t exactly breathtaking, but it will offer you a very impressive set of results. Although it seems simple, this combination is elegant and it will offer you the perfect combination of features that you may need. Everyone will be impressed with how you pulled this off and the reality is that the visuals will be amazing in the end. Yes, it will require a bit of work, but the value is indeed amazing and you want to have that.

19. DIY Concrete Stool

With this stool you can easily save tons and tons of money. You use an older stool and maybe paint it if you want. You can also create one and in the end you will like how anything pays off. That’s exactly what you want to have in the end. The reality is that you will spend less and the results will be a lot better. So basically everyone will be happy and the outcome will be a very rewarding one. Just consider all the options here and that’s what you will receive in the end for sure.

20. DIY Acrylic + Wooden Plant Stand

This is a rather nice combination that will impress you a lot, you can create an astounding plant stand that has wooden dowels. The idea here is that you can have a contemporary, great looking plant stand that will impress everyone and which will be very functional. You just need to find the right set of ideas!

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