20 Living Room Designs with Fireplaces

Living Room with Fireplace-Our living room is known to the best most special part of the house where we occupy most of our time. It is the place where the entire members of the family gathering. It is also the place that we have the chance to create memories with our loved ones and family. Most of us in these days use the living room as a meeting place as to the extent that we eat in there. That is why as much as possible we want to make our living room the best room in the entire house.

The way a living room looks like depending on the preference of the owner of the house. If you are part of the elite, you want to have a big living room. If you are fond of technology, you will definitely decorate the room with many gadgets. If you want the living room for your little kids, you will decorate it with stuff toys and other toys to serve as their playground.

That way, it is right to say that the personality of the owner of the house, which serves and the head of the household reflects the personality on how she/ he maneuver his or her living room.

One of the things that cannot be absent in a living room is a fireplace. For some countries in the world, use fireplace makes it a tool to keep the room warm. The living room’s the only room in the house ideal to palace fireplace, in that reason, the member of the family gathers often to feel the warm offer of a fireplace. The fireplace does not just serve to be a decoration but also making the room warm and continue the tradition.

Over the past years, there are various designs of a fireplace in the market that made you think you need to change your design. They do not just make the house warm but also they add to the beauty of the living room and transform it into a piece of art. In this article, you will present the one of a kind design of living rooms with fireplace. Made by the best designer in the world to awake your esthetic spirit and transform your living room with a fireplace at its best.

Below is the grates collection of 20 Lovely and Stylish Living Room Fireplaces to awake your interest. It comes with different shape, size, color, designs, as well as the material used. Look below and pick the best design right for your living room.

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1. Yellow Living Room Fireplace


You will surely love the traditional style and the modern design of this fireplace. With the Carrera marble, which surrounds the fireplace will surely meet your sophisticated glam for a casual living room. Located about the mantle of the subject is a school of fish that will surely complement your style.

2. Vibrant Contemporary Living Room


From the casual and traditional touch of living room with a fireplace, here is the beginning of the modern design of fireplace. If you want to have a small space for your living room as well as for the fireplace, Vibrant Contemporary Living Room is best for you. These are the smallest size of fireplace you can find. With a stripes color design of wallpaper, you will feel the drama inside your Livingroom. Include the large sunburst with a mirror in the center, your living room will transform into a contemporary style.

3. Original Fabric Wall Beauty


If you have a small size of living room, Original Fabric Wall Beauty is best for you. With the rustic stone brick walling of the fireplace and the contemporary details in the background, you will surely love the idea. The design highlight the classic look of the fireplace that surrounded by the modern design of the entire living room.

4. White Seating Zone with Zebra Cushions


If you want to have a clear looking living room with matching good-looking fireplace, Zebra Pillows in a white sitting area is part of the selection. Make your space occupied with neutral hues with the fireplace surrounded by Carrera marbles you will a good lowing living room with a fireplace. Best of yet your main attraction is the white longhorn at the top of the fireplace.

5. Living Room with Contemporary Tiles


The highlight of Modern Tiles in Living Room is the background of the fireplace made of tiles you commonly see in the bathroom. Who says the only bathroom needs a tile wall? The fireplace made in marble so its compliments to the tile background.

6. Living Room with Modern Fireplace


The fireplace is made with grey color slate will compliment your wall. The color itself is enough to transform your living room into a more appealing look.

7. Living Room Fireplace


If you got a living room with high ceiling, you will love Living Room Fireplace. The small details fireplace is just enough in color to compliment any type of chandelier you wish to hang.

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8. James Rixner Eclectic Living Room


The fireplace is just stunning with the palette of sterling gray, white, black, and hot lime. If you have a large living room and love the color, you can get the idea for your living room with fireplace.

9. Majestic Open Plan Living Room


For a traditional look of a fireplace that is the center of the attraction in your living room, here is the design for you. Your fireplace will be the center of the living room with the furnishing touch of soft colored walls as well as furnishings touch.

10. Georgia Room with Chairs and Fireplace


Slate style design in gray color with a direct-vent gas warms the entire living room. The direct contact of the ventilation in the fireplace serves as the tool to control the heat coming from the fire.

11. Fireplace Living Room


Elegant looking fireplace with tartan upholstery with fresh raspberry as well as orange lifts is effective to warm the room. You can spend your time reading beside the fireplace if you got such design and style.

12. Cottage Living Fireplace


There are the goal hair cushions with full-length linen curtain; neutral walls that open out small cottage inspired living room enables to emphasis the beauty of the fireplace.

13. Erica Lugbill Eclectic Living Room


With the diverse mixture of fabrics in the living room, the deep color of the drapes gives emphasis to the light of the room as well as the beauty of the fireplace.

14. Fireplace with Mantel Mixtures in Living Room


The contract of the brownish color of wood ceiling and the carpet add more appeal for the living room. The combination of traditional and modern furniture gives a compliment to your fireplace.

15. Natural Looking Living Room with Fireplace


Living rooms that use the nature as the background and make it look the center of the wilderness. The design renovates the living room with the fireplace to make a contrast with the view of nature. The stone design and color of the living room and the fireplace makes it stand with the green color of the leaves.

16. Vintage Companions Living Room with Fireplace


The design is best for an academic aspirant. The designs seem to make a long trend with the knowledge of the owner with the books and all the things connected to wisdom.

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17. Classics Companion Living Room with Fireplace


This is the design made by true innovation. The designer seems inspired by the gothic style and creates a scenery that will prove the designers taste. The fireplace light and warm the rooms while the book beside has the cover of gothic or ancient books.

18. Imaginative Focal Point Living Room with Fireplace


The design proves that our Livingroom with fireplace is the best place in the entire world. Every detail of the design aims to highlight the importance of art; you can see it in the detailed rock formation of fireplace. The light is perfect and the style of the sofa add compliment to the setting as a whole.

19. Grand Backdrop Living Room with Fireplace


The living room design meets the sophisticated and the classic style of the owner. The fireplace made on a detailed rounded stone from the chimney to the walls of the room. The designs made to meet your needs to transform your living room the best place for your family. Every object such as the Persian rug makes your living room have the luxury you wish to have.

20. Luxe Rooftop Living Room with Fireplace


It is also possible that you have your living room as an extension of your house. This outdoor fireplace is one proof the innovation continues. Outdoor fireplace allows you and your family to conduct amenities anytime of the year. In that way you are enjoying the fresh air, have a relaxation as well.

These are designs of a fireplace that will surely get your attention and try to think of renovation your fireplace. These are just simple guides to give an idea to make your living room look more elegant inviting in the eye.

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