26 Best Succulent Garden Ideas Around The World

Succulent Gardens-Have you wondered on how to decorate your garden? Which plants to grow? What tools and requirements will you need to maintain the garden? Nowadays more and more popular are the succulent gardens. The people who are growing these types of gardens inform themselves on how to plant the succulents, how to grow them, what is needed, what should the temperature and the humidity be in the garden, etc.

Today the succulent gardens are almost anywhere, in the indoor patios, you can have a succulent plant in your office, in the house, in the outdoor patios, almost everywhere. They resemble great decoration and plus are easy to maintain and grow.  The succulent plants can tolerate dry conditions, low levels of water, high temperatures considering the fact that are very tolerant.

Can be found in different shapes and colors and are definitely beautiful to have them in your surroundings.

Succulent Displays

People barely have knowledge about the succulent gardens. Some of them do not even know that these gardens exist. But do exist. Having a beautiful and colorful succulent garden requires time and dedication.

If you have already decided that you want a succulent garden in your home, then you can find a lot of information on the Internet about it. You can be creative and organize the garden in your own way. You can also find a lot of useful information on how to make and maintain the garden, once done.

You just need to find the place for your garden and start with the preparations.

Here are some examples of succulent gardens which can help you decide on how to do it.

Naturally knowing where you’re going to put your succulent garden arrangements, and what is their intended purpose, helps a great deal in determining the final outcome and visual appeal of their arrangement.

1. By The Old Water Trough

It is recommendable to use wood when doing this type of garden. It is very cheap to do it and you can place it anywhere outside. You will have to choose the flowers and then decide on the way you want to arrange them. The wood setting would fit with any color and any size of the plant. You could even use wooden board or an old tree trunk.

2. Cinder Block Garden

This type of succulent garden is also for home environment. You can do it on cinder blocks in the backyard or anywhere else. You can even mix the succulent flowers with different ones, plant in certain blocks succulent flowers, and in other blocks different flowers.

Adding some soil around the blocks can give better look to your garden. Painting the blocks with some spray color can add more appealing look. Use your imagination and create your own piece of heaven.

3. Caged But Wonderfully Free

This succulent garden is one of the unusual ones and for doing this you will need some type of a cage. The size and the shape of the cage are not important, as long as you like it. A bird cage could work too. It can be painted in rustic or metallic colors if you want to change its color.

Put soil on the ground of the cage and plant your succulent flowers. The type and the color of the flowers is your choice. You can also mount a bird that is sensor-driven on the swing. Everyone would admire your creativity. Just place the cage and wait for the reactions.

4. A Florentine Delight

This garden decoration is of the type of fountain dish and can be a perfect combination with your home design that you can put indoors or outdoors. It is completely different design of the garden and gives a distinctive look. You can add an elegant touch by adding other flowers in it. Choose wisely the colors and plant them in your new succulent garden.

5. By The Wayside

This will fit in your yard if you have some free space and you don’t know how to use it. You can even make borders with this type of garden and give a colorful touch to your yard. The ground has to be covered with some rocks and smooth stones, since no watering is needed. Use the space that is left near your house or garden and plant these amazing succulent decorations.

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6. Rolling Along With My Wheelbarrow

Another interesting way of creating your succulent garden. Using the wheelbarrow for making your little special garden can bring colorful scent to your house. Instead of living the wheelbarrow somewhere in the basement or gathering dust, you can use it to make this garden.

You can even put some cacti plants and design it the way you want. The things you will need to make the garden are river stones, one wheelbarrow, cactus soil and some mesh material that could be put on the bottom. The next thing you will know is that you will have your favorite mini garden.

7. Over Finnian’s Rainbow

If you want to have a garden that makes 3D effect with all the colors and the shape, then this type is definitely the right choice for you. You can arrange the flowers the way you want, choosing where to put the succulent ones and where the other types in order to give some diversity.

You can plant the succulent flowers in the middle and on the sides the cacti plant or some other. This will definitely give the 3D look of your mini garden which you can put in your house, in the yard or within your other garden.

Nothing can be a limit to your imagination, just dedicate enough time for it and you will have an amazing arrangement of flowers in your home that you can show proudly to the others.

8. Living Waters

Definitely a creative way of making your succulent garden. When you see this you get the feeling like the flowers are the water. They are put in a way like they are cascading down. You can put this outdoors, near your front door or somewhere else where the design can be seen.

The garden can be created with just one type of succulent flowers with the same color in order to give more visual effects like cascading water. You can add different sizes and colors as well, but one color flowers are the best choice for this type.

9. Highway To Heaven

If you have some tree trunk in your yard and planned to remove it, stop, think twice and use it as a garden. Planting flowers there will give your place amazing look. It will be an interesting detail in the overall design of your home. You can use different types of flowers with different shapes and colors, but choosing small would probably be the best choice.

As you are seeing the design you will get the sensation of movement. Like you are going up with your eyes you will think that the flowers are moving up. If you do not have a tree trunk then you can lean some wooden plate on the wall and still get the wanted effect.

10. Desert Ice Wonderland

This garden may be the perfect choice for outdoors, since it looks like a fountain of flowers. If you have some fountain and you don’t use it anymore, then you can plant your succulent plants in there. You can choose different shades of one color and the effect will be amazing. Planting different colors is also a good choice; it will give the feeling of colorful center for your garden.

11. Cinder, Cinder On The Wall

Using the blocks in your garden is also an interesting idea. You can use them to create different shapes of your garden, by putting them in different order. The garden scheme will represent your creativity and you can plant the succulent flowers choosing the colors and the types you want.

You can even place the blocks in a way to create a rainbow, while ordering the flowers gradually. Another option is to arrange the blocks in one straight line and plant the flowers. If you need to put borders to your garden then this is also interesting suggestion to do that.

12. Stand And Deliver!

The type of garden above is now in trend. Today most of the concepts in the gardening design are used for indoors. You can use vertical planters and put them against the wall instead of using horizontal ones. This became quite popular today and people buy or make these types of planters only for those purposes.

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The planter can be from wood, metal, single or double, depends on your preferences. You can even make multiple succulent gardens by placing more planters against the wall.

13. Slower Than Molasses

This is definitely one of the best designs you will ever see. It is in the form of a turtle and you will want to have it in your garden, even if you are not someone who likes gardens. This little succulent garden will attract the attention from everyone.

You can put it indoors or outdoors. The craft can be found in the stores, already made, but you can also add some decorations but need to make sure that no flowers are planted on the legs or on the head. This is done in order to give the visualization of a turtle and the effect of “slower than molasses”.

14. The Greatest Is Love

The monogram garden will definitely be another interesting design of your garden. It will be always famous and you could do literally any word you want with this type of garden. You will need wooden letters that you need to fill with soil and plant there the succulent flowers. Make sure you choose adequate color and shapes and start with your creativity.

15. By A River Stream

Making this design you will get the feeling like a river stream is in front of you. You can decorate it in a way so every next line of flowers is different than the previous one, but the flowers in the same line are the same. In this way you can easily arrange the flowers and get the wanted effect. It is recommended to use colors like light or dark blue, purple or pink in order to give an effect of water.

16. Wooden Wonderland

This arrangement of your succulent garden has the scent of Bonsai. It will definitely be an intriguing design that will attract the attention to every visitor. This arrangement can be put in the front or in the back of your yard and you will only need wooden plates or formations of rock, truck tree or deck set. After you have got that, start creating the succulent garden.

17. Regal Pathways

Definitely one of the best and most amazing displays of succulent gardens. It will take your breath and will make you want it in your garden. This looks like a stream of colors. The way you need to arrange the flowers is in lines, can be straight or curved, and every line must contain the same color and type of the flower, if you want to achieve this same effect. The best combination of colors would probably be blue and silver.

18. Your Victorian Garden Chair

If you have some old furniture and you want to throw it away, then don’t think it anymore, use it for your succulent garden. You can put soil on some old chair that you had somewhere in your basement and plant the flowers. You can arrange it in any way and get an interesting design.

You can also hang the succulents and turn it into something amazing. You can also paint the chair before creating the garden. It will give more appealing look.

19. A Desert-Friendly Oasis

If you have some dry area in the backyard and you don’t know how to use it, then it is possible to do your succulent garden there. You can still bring green effect in your outdoor area by decorating it with green succulent flowers. If you planned to plant your oasis here too, it will be great combination with the succulents.

You will just need to provide some smooth rocks or stones and choose the place of each succulent. Depends on how much space you have available for making the succulent garden, you could use plants of large size combined with the succulents. Fan palms and other types of flowers can be used as well. Your garden will definitely have a different and better look.

20. By The Beautiful Sea

This is just amazing! You can make or buy vases of seashells. You can make them by using glue in order to form the shape. Different sizes can be made or found where you can plant the succulent flowers. If there are some pots areas that are not completely closed you can use the soil to fill them and you will have an environment for planting the flowers. The color is of your choice, but it would suit the best a blue succulent garden.

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21. Rosebuds In The Desert

These desert palms can be placed vertically or surrounding some other plants or flowers. If you have some specific flowers of large size it is best to suit them with these succulents and get the wanted effect. The best combination can be silver and blue and addition of some cacti plants in order to make the overall effect just amazing.

22. A Desert Sphere

This desert sphere can be done on a chain. The chain can be placed on the ceiling or on the fence where you can create this sphere of flowers. It looks really rustic and unique. The sphere is made of wires and in the inside is put the soil. Plant the flowers in the soil and see the result of your creation.

This type is good for indoors and outdoors decorations. You can make as many as you want and with different sizes. You can have big spheres or small spheres and combine them differently.

23. My Hanging Garden

The hanging garden is a vertical type of garden that is still modern. You can put it on your balcony or anywhere where there is wall. You can just hang this design and decorate your home. The color of the wooden plates can be any; you need to find the one that you like.

You can do this design like it is on floors. In the first floor, at the bottom you can put one type of succulents, in the middle other and in the upper part completely different one. You can even create a gradation, planting different shades of one color flowers, making the base with the darkest color and as you go up, lighter and lighter. This will create an amazing effect and will be a great decoration on your balcony.

24. Sea Of Glass

The “Sea of Glass” type of succulent garden is a lovely mixture of different types and colors of the flowers. It can be made in your backyard, adding some smooth stones and some glass decanters. You can insert some jars with blue or white color in order to give the scent of glass and any type of flowers in the family of succulents and cactus. Some colorful stones from the river or some rocks will give the place the desired effect.

25. Square-Peg Pete

The “Square-Peg Pete” is another interesting design in the seashore creations. You will need a creativity to make this type of succulent garden. You can add some seashells in order to invoke the sensation of ocean at your visitors or anyone who sees it or you can just hang it as a picture frame on the wall.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor environment. A wooden board is needed in order to make this type and some moss foundation. The flowers are planted into it and placed anywhere you want. You can basically choose what type of flowers you want and what colors.

26. My Cup Runneth Over


The Cup Runneth type of garden can be made from some old watering can that is filled with soil and the flowers are planted. It will become an interesting decoration in your garden. This type would fit perfectly on some wooden bench or an old table.

It gives the effect like water is flowing over and down the garden can from the inside. You can also paint the can before planting the flowers, but paint it in some bright color in order to have the wanted effect. The color of the flowers is recommended to be blue if you want to achieve the water effect.


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