40+ Dreamy Romantic Bedroom Designs That Will Complete Your Dream

If you’ve ever wanted to have a fairytale bed design, than you know that you are going to complete it easily as long as you take a look at the idea of completing it with these bed canopies.  This is a beautiful example of how you can really get into the idea of having a canopy for historical purposes or fashion purposes.

Historically, it was used in terms of keeping heat or cool air inside the bed area, and getting privacy from the various maids and servants that would be moving around and getting things done.  They were draped over with heavy fabrics, using the traditional bed frame to hoist it all up and keep it together.

Now days, you can get all kinds of options for making sure that you get that dream look that you’ve been hoping for.

Firstly, understand that you’ll be able to do a lot of things when you’re looking at creating a dreamy canopy for your room for fashion intents.

The frame can be made from traditional wood, or it can be plastic or steel or anything else that you’re looking to enjoy.  The point is, you’ll be able to see pretty quickly that you’ll be snuggled under the frame that you’re hoping for.  You can get a simple one with a basic design, or get one that has Victorian flair, the choice is yours.  You can get a full bed frame or a half cover that will give you what you’re looking for.

In terms of the canopy itself, you can go with traditional classic heavy fabrics, a light and gauzy Victorian theme that will feel flimsy and fun, or you can enjoy a combination of options, fabrics and patterns.  The point is to really be able to create right kind of fashionable flair that you’re looking for.

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Take a look below at some great examples using all sorts of combinations and ideas that will be sure to get your mind going in terms of creating something for yourself.

Check out these bed room concepts with cover beds and get impressed.

zocalo canopy bed

This combines practical comfort with breeze summer-themed canopy options with the white gauze.  You can even enjoy the idea of switching out your canopy form summer to winter depending on what it is that you are hoping to do with your space.  This is a great light and simple option.

zen canopy bed

This is another great idea, and it uses a summer weight canopy  but it only is meant to cover half of the bed, leaving a break open to admire nature and enjoy the world and still give the dreamlike look and feel that you’re going to be hoping for.

zebra canopy bed

zanzibar canopy bed

z gallerie x canopy bed instructions

z gallerie x canopy bed for sale

z gallerie canopy bed

yellow canopy bed drape

From Royal Relaxation to Journey Inspiration

This is a great way to explore the possibilities of a canopy but make sure that it isn’t cumbersome for those who are hoping to not have it destroyed by pets or anything else like that.  This is a great cute way to dress up an ordinary bed frame, too, and you can still use it as traditional canopy when you simply pull it around the bed and enjoy it for all of the right reasons.

x canopy bed

This uses a traditional and full frame but it contrasts with the sweet transparent canopy fabric that is certainly a sight to admire and enjoy for all of the right reasons.  If you’re hoping to combine traditional with modern, this is a great idea to do it properly.

toys r us canopy bed

t&s canopy bed

sunquest canopy tanning bed 1000s

sims 4 canopy bed

sims 3 canopy bed

sims 2 canopy bed

q solivita canopy bed

Gorgeous alone and with a curtain draped over it, you’ll be able to do a lot of things with this sweet bed frame.  The fun part is that you can truly dress it up any way that you want it, and it’s going to look fantastic throughout it all.

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pier 1 canopy bed

This one is all about the simplistic due to the fun and elaborate prints elsewhere in the room.  A great modern take on it for sure.

pier 1 ashworth canopy bed

pack n play canopy bed

man u bed canopy

make a canopy bed with curtains

This is traditional in the curtains that swing and provide a safe space.  It’s great for those who want their kids to grow into a style, and all it takes is fresh curtains and it’s a brand new look and feel to admire.

make a canopy bed

make a bed canopy with curtain rods

leon's canopy bed

kmart canopy bed

Heavy Supplies and Subtle Abundance

Keep the coverings on elaborate pieces of furniture simple and plain so that you can play up the styles however you see the most fit.

julie canopy bed

japanese canopy bed

inspire q tufted canopy bed

This is all about allowing natural colours to come together and combine and create a great looking combination that will pull you into a lull of sorts.  Perfect for when you’re looking for a great traditional way to enjoy it.

inspire q solivita canopy bed king

Unique inspiration additionally makes use of cover beds as focus factors. This Moroccan bed room design thrives underneath  lavish colours and appealing lighting. Textures and patterns combine in a superb bed room design.

inspire q solivita canopy bed

inspire q gold canopy bed

inspire q canopy bed

inspire q andover canopy bed

harga javan bed canopy 2016

harga javan bed canopy 2015

Inventive Cover Beds for Dreamers

You can make your own bed canopy if you want to, you just need to get creative about it like this example.  You will be able to play with your own kind of style and you can take it down any time that you want to.  It’ll always be something to show off, that’s for sure.

harga javan bed canopy 2014

This is a perfect option made after the fact, too, and it will inspire you to see that it’s really simple to create that child-like hideaway for anyone who needs the protection and space to enjoy for their own reasons.

elegant canopy bed joseph walsh

This allows the white to speak for itself and is really striking to say the least.  Perfect for the modern home owner who wants to allow touches of colour to brighten up the spaces.  A draped curtain in a bright shade would do a lot of things for the space.

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ebay bed canopy

diy canopy bed youtube

decorating a canopy bed ideas

decorate a canopy bed

This is a fun way to really play around with colour and light and the canopy of a bed.  It looks like something out of a movie and is sure to gain the attention of whoever is going to be looking for the classic appeal.  It’s a fun transformation of the space, too, which is definitely enjoyable.

d ring for bed canopy

curtains for a canopy bed

charles p rogers canopy beds

Similar to the traditional methods, you can use these canopies to give multiple beds in a room character and privacy both.  Perfect for the child who wants to express herself and get some space.  Plus, they look sweet.

So, as you can see from all of the different examples that we looked at, canopies are a little bit of everything and will enliven the princess that you want to see for yourself.  This is going to help you do a little bit of remodelling, too, and there will be all sorts of fun ways that you can change this up.  Simply put, bed canopies are a lot of fun to play around with because there is so much option.

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