7 Amazing Scandinavian Living Room Designs Collection

Creating a welcoming spot for your guests to hang out in is critical when you are looking at focusing on the right elements of your home’s decor. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how you want to blend those looks together, though, which is why we have worked to create a list that will show you the fun and classic design perks that a Scandinavian living room can bring.

Perfect for those homes where home decor can be different and fresh, this is an important option to consider for all of the perks possible. You’ll enjoy what they can offer you. The hard part is going to be choosing which one you actually want to use in your home!


Scandinavian Clean Architecture Lines

Go with clean architecture lines: When you are designing the space and crafting it together, the first thing to keep in mind with this kind of style is that it is focused on the architecture itself as defining the space.  So, don’t cover up the texture in the walls or the ceiling or even the floor. You need to let the architecture make lines and define the space as it should be. It’ll create a professional space just in that alone.

Space with Cool Colours

Use cool colours: When you are designing the space, you need to stay away from the bright hues, and go with cool ones instead.  A gentle grey or charcoal or even black or white are great. You want to make sure that the colour adds presence but isn’t too overwhelming as to what’s going on in the room.  Remember, the goal is to let the room speak for itself.

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Scandinavian Elegant Mild Fixtures

Try elegant on for size: When you see example photos of Scandinavian living rooms, they’re all about elegance.  Go with the big chandeliers, the carved detailing in the coffee table, or the “over the top” lamps.  The goal is to have a lot of fun with the style you are creating and that means elegance has a place here.  When in doubt, go classic instead of modern when choosing between elegant styles and designs that are out there.

Scandinavian Layers and Textures

Encourage textures: Texture in a room is an absolute must when it comes to making this work.  So, bring in the area rugs and the throws and the pillows and try to make this as texture-rich as possible.  You also should take the time to carefully choose those textures. You can mix and match, go with one powerful impact in a rug, or anything else that is going to feel worthwhile in your room.  Just make sure that you actually enjoy the texture you are putting into the space.

Keep your contrasts minimal: When you are contrasting the room in colours, you want to make sure that you try to keep it under control.  This means that you will need to go with two cool colours. Grey and white or a gentle blue and white. The thing is to work with the scheme and don’t use sharp contrast if you can avoid it.  If possible, repaint the metal touches to melt in, too. It’s those details that will make or break a room.

Try a two-toned look: Just because you’re playing with gentle contrast doesn’t mean that it needs to be a bland blend.  Look at using your accent colours in multiple shades. For example, rich and dark tones in combination with lighter tones of the same colour.  Whether it’s in blues or greys or browns, it’ll help create the variations while still staying firmly in your idea of a gentle contrast design.

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Put pattern on the floor: Where you want to add pattern is on the floor.  This is, of course, in an area rug or equivalent.  The rug should still be in the neutral territory for colours, but you can go with stripes or spots or diamonds.  Enjoy the hunt and make sure the texture is one that you like, too.

White is a great base: When you are picking the base for your room, it can be hard to decide what that colour should be.  Especially if you haven’t picked your colours yet. So, when in doubt, go with white. You can get rich white tones that are ideal for putting focus on the accessories that you place.  White also helps draw and accentuate natural light that is coming into the space so that you can put it to proper use even if there isn’t a lot of it.

Use furniture to draw sharp lines: When you are taking a look at the idea of architecture speaking for itself and being the focal point, you can make your furniture do the same thing.  This is where the sharp contrast would, in fact, come into play. Make the lines of the furniture create the definition and sharp lines that is going to make this room so eye catching, even if someone can’t figure out why it is so appealing.  That’s when you know that you’ve done it right and you are putting the proper elements into play.

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Try minimalism: One aspect to consider is how you actually arrange the room.  While decor and furniture is great, it’s no good if you’ve covered it all up.  So, if possible, consider the minimalism approach and focus on keeping your clutter behind closed doors and inside storage ottomans, etc.  This will allow the bones of your incredible and important design to shine through and offer a fresh take on it. Perfect for the right kind of results to make your living room the kind that all of your neighbours are going to love.

With these plans in place, you now are properly equipped to make your living room design as flawless as you could possible want.  Enjoy the ride and make sure that it’s what you’re going for by the time that you’ve finished. It’s going to be remarkable, no matter which blend of these tips that you use to help you out.

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