9 Fresh Sliding Closet Door Design Ideas

Bedrooms are all about customization, but you can look further than the soft furnishings when you’re looking at making it all your own.  You can, instead, enjoy the fun of looking at closet ideas for bedroom design that are going to really freshen up the spot that you’ve got available to you.

Whether you thought that you were going to be looking at this kind of design long term or not, you will be able to do a lot with it. All that you need to do is take a look at how you can actually make sliding closet door options fresh and unique.  There’s a lot more waiting for you than you think.

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Simple Mirrored Sliding Door: This is a simple and basic as you’ll find, but it’s also a great starting line.  This combines a mirror with a bar slider on the top and it will glide back and forth, offering access and comfort of use. This is especially great if you like the modern meets rustic design options that are so popular today.

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Sliding Barn Door: Well loved in those that want to combine some barn appeal with the need for a closet door for small spaces, this is a great idea.  It’s using a warm wood grain and a simple sliding mechanism that will offer everything you want in a design that is as old as time. Easy to do and fun to use.

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Mirrored Wooden Door: This example uses an existing large door frame from an older majestic design, also classic and reclaimed so that you can make use of it in the new design. With  the addition of the mirror added to the door part, and applying it to a slider, this is a brand new design that is really going to offer comfort and excitement in terms of what it can bring to an older style.  It’s great for those that want something really different.

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Thoroughly Modern: If you are a person who wants to stick with the basic and modern design, this is a great idea.  You can see that the texture works perfectly in the wall scheme, and the couch in front of the door means that it is going to blend into the design of the wall without a problem.  Great for the fresh taste.

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Double Sliders: This repainted and repurposed double door option gives you a way to keep your door’s footprint small, but still make sure that you can make use of the  space with a majestic double door. The fun paint matches the wall around it, but you can distress it like in this example and really allow it to do its own thing.

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Classic Bifold Mirrored Doors: Bifold doors have been around for a long time for all of the right reasons.  You can make sure that you really make use of them by refreshing the same doors with smooth backings and putting mirrors in place.  This won’t change the overall footprint, but it will allow you to really enjoy the light reflection and the twist on the design that will really show off its best features.

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White Sliding Door: Fresh and modern, this is a sliding door that will offer you easy storage options such as for a linen closet.  It’s great for making the most out of a small space but still staying within the classic meets fresh paint design.  The black bars offer great contrast on the white, too.

Wall of Mirrors: This one of a kind door is all about the mirrored options.  Much the same as with the mirrored bifold door, these features a wider flat surface to work from and it creates a great overall design that is going to highlight the closet space in its own way.  Especially great for an entryway where you want to highlight the available space as much as possible, it’ll do a lot for you.

Large Bifold Closet: This is a thoroughly modern design that uses lined mirrors to add some texture to a large wall of mirror option.  These are those same old fashioned sliding mirrored doors, but they rely on the idea of reflecting light from top to bottom so that you can enjoy the light and warmth it’ll bring.  It’s a great and easy way to dress up a style that already exists there and is waiting for you.

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All of these designs are about making the most out of the space that you’ve got.  Whether you’re looking at working within a very small space, or you simply want to make your existing design work, all of these sliding closet door options are going to offer you the ability to use what you want, where you want it, however you want it.  It’s ideal for getting it to all work together even better than you might have originally hoped.

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