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There are various popular materials to be used in bathroom constructions, but tiles always have an enduring presence. Bathroom tile idea may come from a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns, thanks to this material’s versatility. Many of them are affordable, and perfect for both large and small bathrooms. These benefits make tiles popular for many bathroom owners.

Choosing the right tiles can create the difference between average and amazing bathroom. You can create a personal haven just by combining the right tile colors and shapes in the design.

Bathroom Tile Types and Placements

Bathroom tiles cover various surfaces, such as floors, walls, shower stalls, countertops, and ceilings. Covering these different surfaces requires the perfect combination of different tile sizes, colors, and shapes. You must also pay attention to their characteristics and qualities, especially if you have budget concerns.

There are several popular types of bathroom tiles you can consider. They are:

Ceramic Tiles


Ceramic is the most common material to make bathroom tiles. Polished ceramic tiles come in various colors and patterns, which are easy to mix and match. Common ceramic tiles are made of clay, with nonporous glaze coat on their surfaces.

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Glass Ceramic Tiles


Glass ceramic provides more sophisticated look on the tiles. They have a shinier coat, which reflects the light and gives a sleeker visual. They are as resilient as regular ceramic and perfect as accent tiles. Ceramic tiles often have deeper and brighter colors, making them perfect as decorative materials.

Natural Stone Tiles


Natural stone tiles are considered as “fancy,” and many of them are imported from other countries such as Italy and China. These stones are sturdy and elegant, and most of them are expensive. However, they are elegant and will bring visual values to your bathroom

Quarry Tiles


Quarry tiles are made of quarried clay, feldspar, or shales. They have a more rustic look than ceramic or natural stone tile. They work perfectly well in the wet or dry bathroom. They are cheaper than natural stone or ceramic but believed to absorb water more than those materials.

After choosing the right materials, you must also understand the arrangements and placements.

Tips to Create Pattern and Design

Determining the patterns and designs of bathroom tiles can be difficult since the result will be permanent. You should create a theme first to determine the tile options. From there, choose two or three tile colors as the main shades. Avoid choosing too many colors in one bathroom, because it will feel cluttered or messy.

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Bathroom size also determines the tile patterns, colors, sizes, and designs. A small bathroom can look bigger with large tiles that have solid colors. Sheer patterns, such as the ones on granite or marble tiles, can make a small bathroom look elegant. On the contrary, patterned tiles can work as pretty accents in a bigger bathroom.


Light Contemporary Shades

Soft shades are great to create a cozy, contemporary look. Choose colors such as mint, light blue, yellow, and other pastel colors to make your bathroom look relaxing. White can serve as the “intermediary” shade for the other colors.

Classy, Country Look

Marble, granite, and other natural stone tiles are perfect for creating a classy or country look. You can choose elegant, earthy colors such as brown, beige, and white for these designs.


Modern Rustic Design

If you go for a rustic modern bathroom design, you can combine materials instead of colors. Quarry and granite tiles, for example, can create a rustic feel without making your bathroom look cheap. However, you must pay attention to the risk of grout between tiles.

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The other idea is to look at the bathroom components such as the shower, lighting fixtures, and faucets, and choose your tiles to complement them. You can even create patterns by combining different tile colors, sizes, and shapes.


Tiles are versatile and flexible materials for bathrooms, and you can create various designs with them. You must determine the bathroom theme first before deciding on the tiles. Don’t forget to consider factors such as sizes, colors, textures, and materials before choosing the right tiles.

Tiles may look like common materials, but choosing the right ones can improve your bathroom look. Make sure to choose the right bathroom tile idea, and see how it impacts the look of your personal space.

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