9 Nautical Home Decor that will Certainly Spice Up your Living Space

Nautical Home Decor -Home decor plays a huge role in the overall aesthetics and ambience in any living space. Therefore, choosing the right embellishments for your home is critical to create the perfect environment and look you want. If you are looking to bring some summer vibes inside your house, then why don’t you bring some great colors and consider the unique nautical home décor. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can even just do a DIY project to bring a beach-inspired decoration to your home.

There are plenty of options you can choose from. Whether it is a table centerpiece, a wall décor or something you can hang on the doorknob, there are a lot of nautical things you can even make on your own. If you aren’t sure, here are some nautical home décor ideas you may want to consider:

1. The Coastal Wreath Nautical Home Decor


Wreaths are a very popular home decoration, especially during Christmas, Easter, spring, etc. You can find different wreaths depending on the season. So, why not create something you can display for the entire year? Make a beach-inspired wreath, and it will surely create a unique environment in your home. It is very budget-friendly and easy to make. If you have children who love crafts, this could be your next family project.

2. The Seahorse Canvas


A piece of art hang on the wall can be a pride to the maker, so if you want to display your own artistic nautical painting, you can try this seahorse canvas. Don’t worry if you think you’re not a good painter because simple tutorials will make you feel like an artist.

You just need a paper cutout of seahorse and a canvas, or any beach-inspired style and shape you want. After you finish your project, frame it on the wall and add some items like nice rocks and seashells to create the nautical feel and look you want.

3. Nautical Theme Display Photo


Display special memories you always want to remember while bringing a beach-inspired home décor to your property. If you already have photo displays on your wall, you can spice them up by organizing them and putting everything in a beach-inspired photo display. This can also be a perfect gift item to a family or loved one.

4. Seashell Mirror


Unlike other nautical home décor ideas already presented that can be done in even just less than an hour, the seashell mirror may take some time to finish. In order to complete the project, you will need a framed mirror, a window cleaner, paper towel or cloth, straight razor, glue sticks and hot glue gun. Also, don’t forget the most important material – tons of seashells. Make sure to clean them very well, especially if you collected them straight from the beach. Just attach the shells in the style you want to create the product you desire.

5. Sand & Seashell Decorative Styles


With just simple materials, you can create something fun, exotic and interesting. Fill a glass with sand and seashells or any beach-inspired items, and it will surely create the unique nautical home environment you want to create. You can add anything you want that will spice up your home décor.

6. Anchor Sign


If there is one thing that will surely remind you of the ocean and fun sea adventures, it would definitely be an anchor sign. Therefore, there’s no question that having an anchor-sign style home décor will surely bring a summer vibe in your home. If you love the beach or enjoy cruising, it will surely bring back happy memories of the ocean and your marvelous water adventure.

For the materials you need to prepare, just make sure to have foam connectors, a styro cutter, white and navy blue paint, of course the anchor sign and rope for more decorative items. After finishing the project, place it in any room where you always want to see it.

7. Bottle and Lantern Centerpiece


This nautical home décor does not require a lot of your time to do. All you need is to be creative in arranging and rearranging the materials. There are plenty of choices colors and items you can include, based on your preference. You can experiment until you get the style you want.

8. Rope Base


Very authentic, rustic style yet will surely bring an elegant atmosphere to your home. This is also really easy to make and does not require a lot of materials to make. All you have to prepare are glue sticks, a heavy clip, rope, a vase and a glue gun. Once finished, you can place your favorite flower for additional beauty.

9. Beach Themed Shadow Box


This can be an exciting and fun family activity you should try. It is very simple and making this as your family project is a fantastic way to spend time with your kids and partner. Allow your little ones to use their creative side by adding their favorite sea elements like seashells, sea glass, starfish and others.

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