9 Shabby-Chic Living Room Ideas to Steal

Create the perfect kind of living room decor, no matter what you’re working with to start.  If you are interested in seeing how you can create your very own cozy living room, then you’ll find your way to the right kind of ideas and inspiration by taking a look at the images below.

They range from simple changes to larger ones, but all of them are going to offer you some options and exciting ranges of techniques so that you can get that shabby-chic living room that you’ve always wanted.  Get ready for inspiration!

Garage Sales are the Motivation That You Want: Garage sales are amazing spots that you can find some seriously incredible finds.  If you’re on the hunt to make sure that you put together the right room in terms of the pieces of furniture, you’ll really be able to get your staple pieces here.  Just take a look at the different ideas that are waiting for  you in the “junk” that people are trying to get rid of.  There is so much potential because you’ll be able to transform it into something that you’re looking for.

Even if you find something that you feel is going to be shabby, remember that you’re looking for a way to make your living room more chic and shabby.  Look past the exterior and see the bones of the piece of the furniture to see if it’s going to be of help to you in your decor scheme.  The pieces that you find and choose are going to be a total steal.

Try Your Hand at Distressing a Piece of Furniture: The big thing right now out there in the world of decor is that you need to look at distressing a piece of furniture.  This means that you would stain or paint something and then artfully and tastefully pick away at the colour so that it fades it in the right spot.  There is definitely an art to getting it done right, so you just need to take a look at how to do it online.

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There are all sorts of options online to get it done right so that you can enjoy the sophisticated look of distressing.  Start with something small and simple such as an end table, and work you way up to the bigger and more prominent pieces.  It can be fun and you can use whatever paint or stain that you want to.

Choose a Statement and Stick to It: If you’re going to something such as statement or a wallpaper design, you need to make sure that you stick to what you’re working on and go all out and make it work for you.  Remember the expression “go big or go home”?  It certainly applies to when you’re looking at living room ideas.  Whether it’s a distressed brick wall, beamed ceilings, or a statement wall, you need to really embrace it and make it work for you.


Make it work for you and your room.  Remember that if you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can always change it later.  Give it time to grow on you and you’ll see that statement pieces are really impressive and transformative if you give them the space to be so.

Experiment with colour: The best way to properly transform a room is to play around with the colour scheme.  Go ahead and make a dramatic change and you’ll see that your living room is going to look entirely different and transformed in the best possible way.

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If you aren’t really interested in going with a big change in hue, try changing the shade to a brighter one.  You can also consider the idea of a statement wall such as a patterned wall using decals or modern wallpaper.


If you aren’t interested in anything like that, you’ll need to take a look at something like accent colour pieces such as throws or pillows or couches.  This is a great way to play around with some new colour in a minimalist way.

Combine with fashion and practicality: If you like having your living room full of practical use such as storage, you can still do that in a fun way.  All you need to do is get some great bookshelves or other storage options and distress them, as mentioned, etc. The thing to remember with living room ideas is that it isn’t one or the other.  You can change things around to work for you in terms of the practicality combined with fun and modern fashion.


Shabby-Chic Living Room Design Ideas

If you’re liking what you’re seeing here than take a look at some great ideas below where you can see these concepts coming together.  You’ll love them all for the different kinds of reasons.


Classic and simplistic works together here so that you can take a look at how fresh colour and contrasting furniture comes together to create a total look and feel that is modern and minimalist.

See how all of the colour and pattern blends together without looking like it’s too match-y.  This is what you want when you’re looking at modern style and a simple living room design. All it takes is a little paint and creative spirit, and it makes for a wonderful room that is brand new.


This is the perfect combination of a classic living room and and modern distressing.  See those floors?  It’s all about putting your newly developed skills to the test and focusing on the right kinds of aspects that are going to create the perfect room that is all about you and your sense of style.  This one of a kind look and feel is all about pieces coming together.  All of the off-white design come together here just perfectly.

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Texture is the thing here to look at.  The wicker and various shades and textures in the blanket looks modern and comfortable all at once.  So, you can see that you can create the right look with just putting elements together like this one.  Remember to make it the right kind of look and feel that you are hoping to find in a lived in living room!


Beautiful and all about accenting the windows, this is one of a kind style that is going to help you remember that you can work with what the house gives you at its core. Bright colour pops work well here to show you that style is all about exploring the world that you have in front of you for colour.

Work well here to show you that style is all about exploring the world that you have in front of you for colour.

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