Awesome Foldable & Tiny House Designs

Homelessness is a community problem that exists nearly everywhere in the world. Rather than punishing the homeless or chasing them away from their regular sleeping spots, more and more communities are instituting programs to help the homeless population.

A house occupies a lot of space, that’s why engineer came about the foldable house, in which it can be folded and maybe move from one place to another. Below are some of the design of a foldable house.

For the developing world, living space is such premium individuals spend a whopping amount of money for residing in quarters, which is smaller, compared to a few prison cells. Facing this problem, we need immediate solutions for the urban poor. Since space is the major issue, providing narrow housing for the homeless might be a possible solution to the problem. Companies like Urban Caterpillar are indeed working towards making things better for the homeless and the poor.