Some Unethical Behavior of an Engineer

Unethical behavior of an engineer is not necessary the same as negligent behavior, though the two maybe closely related in some situations. Negligence is not commonly associated with technical inability, but rather with carelessness. There are several other ethical issues that engineers may face. Some have to do with technical practice, but many others have to do with broader considerations of business conduct.

Below are Some Unethical Engineer Behavior that all Engineer should avoid:



Gross negligence is defined as a reckless act of willful disregard for professional responsibility and determination of such requires experience, technical competence, and specialized knowledge of the procession and related standards.



Incompetence is the demonstration of a lack of ability to perform functions of the profession, which may include actual design of structural members or air conditioning services require for a theater e.t.c or a lack of understanding of basic principles.

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The standard of a master’s duty toward his servant is to see that reasonable care is taken. The scope of that duty extends to the provision of save fellow-servant, safe equipment, save place of work and access to it, and safe system of work. It is not enough for the master to show that the danger on the premises of work is known and fully understood by the servants. They must ensure that workers comply with safety procedures. It would appear that in deciding the liability and responsibility of parties for safety, it is less a matter of the fact, circumstances, and relationship. Action of individual will be scrutinized in term of how reasonable and appropriate they are for a given situation.

This point was considered in Western Nig. Trading Co Ltd V. Busari Ajao (1965) NMLR 178. The company’s defense that plastic goggles were provided for the wounded worker (the plaintiff) was not enough. The court held as per this defendant (company) that “It was the employer ’s duty at common law to ensure that not only the goggles were provided but also that they were used by strict order followed by reasonable supervision”.

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When I used the word negligence with respect to defendant conduct. I mean the failure to do something which a reasonable person will do under circumstances which you find existed in this case. It is for you to decide what a reasonable careful person would do or not do in such circumstances. When I used the word ordinary care, I mean the care that a reasonable person would use under the circumstances which you find existed in this case. The law does not say what a reasonably careful person would or would not do under such circumstances. That is for you to decide.


[5] Relationships with clients, consultants, competitors, and contractors.

[6] Ensuring legal compliance by clients, client’s contractors, and others.

[7] Conflict of interest.

[8] Bribery and kickbacks, which also may include:Gifts, meals, services, and entertainment.

[9] Treatment of confidential or proprietary information.

[10] Consideration of the employer’s assets.


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