These 20+ Cool Kitchen Remodel Ideas Will Surely Blow Your Mind!

Everyone must be of the same mind that the presence of a kitchen at home is nothing but overriding. As a matter of fact, the space does not only serve for your cooking joy, but it is also the heart of a house. It is where a family could share their best moment in life as well as beginning the cheering get-together. From dawn to dusk and from breakfast to dinner time, a cookhouse never fails to create a reassuring ambiance.

If you are about to make your kitchen fresher as well as winning, building a scheme for the kitchen remodel is such a right step. Before everything looks wondrous, you had better take heed of these following points:

Mind the Key Parts! (What to Think First to Begin the Kitchen remodel)

Who says doing the kitchen makeover on your own is troubled? It is indeed straightforward! Giving rise to a typical chic environment is definitely inseparable from how you select and arrange the important kitchen parts and furniture. Here are a couple of recommendations that might strike a chord with you:

⦁ Backsplash


Choosing an inviting backsplash could be a good start when it comes to updating your kitchen. The material you are going to use does determine the theme accentuation. Unless the rustic atmosphere is not your ambition, the brick is able to perform best. The contemporary design with clean look would totally match with the ceramic tile. Apart from the material, considering the backsplash height can’t be overlooked. Regardless of your option, the extended and narrowed varieties bring out disparate impression.

⦁ Kitchen Island


Nowadays, a kitchen island is no longer as a storage space in which you can place your favorite dishes and potteries. The activity of food preparing looks more vibrant with it. For more purposeful, adding the bookshelves to keep your cookery books into the set of table and seating would wow your visitors. Another cool idea to lift the interior sophistication is by integrating the kitchen island with modern appliances such as dishwasher and microwave. The extend seating is perfect for those who don’t own a spacious kitchen.

⦁ Flooring


The variety of kitchen flooring for your stylish kitchen remodel is plentiful. Seeking out the one featuring durability? The hardwood literally is in tune with the rationale. Not only is it easy to clean but the wooden material is teeming with traditional appeal letting you feel the vibe of a Japanese kitchen. To enhance the tone of contemporary touch, you might have a go with either concrete or carpet. Meanwhile, the rubber and cork floorings have special characteristics which are padded feel, water and fire resistant, and recyclable.

⦁ Kitchen Countertop


The vital part of your cooking space for your meal preparation is no other than the kitchen countertop. You could begin the one that accentuates sumptuous look with the slab granite. The circular patterns merging black and white generate an unforgettable classy impression. Quartz countertop unbelievably exudes a natural charm that nobody can deny. It also has the antibacterial agent so that the state of your kitchen always remains pure and spotless.

⦁ Kitchen Appliances


The contention that the twenty-first kitchen is always associated with new energy-efficient appliances is absolutely true. The kitchen fittings that meet the lasts standard of a novel kitchen include an energy-saving kitchen, environmentally-friendly refrigerator, as well as the water-saving dishwater. Show you’re the most up-to-the-minute upgrade with these handy equipment.

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What about the Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Some might with come with a basic query asking the cost of renovating a kitchen. The project you are going to take care of could be complicated and cost an arm and a leg. However, the kitchen remodel cost does depend on a couple of factors such as the size of your kitchen, what materials you are using, and how the future interior design of your cooking spot looks like. In pursuance of, the average price that most out of homeowners spend is around 21,988 USD.

What about a project on a smaller scale? Based on the reliable calculation, the expense ranges from 10,000 USD to 15,000 USD. It has covered setting the backsplash, installing the cabinets, allowing the washbasin to be upgraded, and not to mention painting the kitchen walls. For the advanced project, the homeowner might spend between 12,565 USD to 33,257 USD. This elevated renovation is comprised of installing the finest hardwood flooring, varied cutting-edge kitchen appliances, custom cabinets, and the granite countertop as well.

To compress the spending, the kitchen owners may get around the approach of remodeling. Instead of replacing the cabinets, they are capable of refinishing the furniture. If your case is related to the issue of being outdated, the only way you could perform is by giving a contemporary touch toward the piece, be it repainting the object’s surface or cleaning it up with the proper clean-up. Eventually, there are multitude ways pertaining to how to look like a million bucks yet with a pretty penny. Some of them are described as follows:

⦁ In order to take full advantage of your kitchen storage, you don’t need to purchase more cabinets as they will augment the expenditure. To handle this, installing the double pull-out shelves and lazy susans are extremely recommended.


⦁ The kitchen remodel cost can be narrowed down by going for the green concept. The eco-friendly lighting like the LED version as well as the double-paned windows is such a great alternative to applying this theme.

⦁ For those who find their kitchen cramped, there is nothing you can do other than having the smaller appliances. Not only do they save your cash but the electronic objects also provide you more space.

⦁ Applying a horizontal work surface for chopping the veggies and other ingredients with the pull-out style is also awesome. This particular countertop allows you to flip and pull out without making you feel frustrated.

Have You Found Your Catchy Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the key elements to lend color your kitchen space must be the kitchen cabinets. With the right selection of shade, finish, and material; the storing space, through and through, adds a pop of color to your cooking room. These following lists might help you decide your preference when going for the kitchen remodel:

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⦁ To generate the old milieu dating back to the twentieth century, the “shades of grey” cabinet is the answer. This wooden unit fits with the industrial kitchen loaded furniture using manufactured techniques and the same is true with the black and white kitchen. The existence of gray look helps out to soften the contrasting backdrop.

⦁ The indigo wooden cabinet with glossy finish would look great to complement your butler’s pantry. If you want to display your personality, it is essential that you add some intricate details such as patterned wallpaper and gold objects. The accented color blend truly gives a bold perspective that makes the kitchen owner takes a shine to.

⦁ If your main concern is the rustic influence when it comes rejuvenating the cookhouse, you might have a try with the white cabinets. The pure white surface is able to evoke the soothing atmosphere for the kitchen users. Additionally, this kind tailored with the fieldstone backsplash and stainless appliances must let other people make a statement.

⦁ The raven-black cabinet with gold accent ultimately created out-of-this-world splendor throughout the kitchen space. This one should be integrated with your kitchen island. For more timeless creativity, turning the storage function into a small library to save your recipe book is peachy.

⦁ The grooved wooden cabinet should be perfected with a modern provincial kitchen. The light green shade coating the surface of the furnishing enhances appeasing setting you must adore. Are you having an uncertain mood? Take your laid-back moment as the casual vibe inflicted is capable of calming you down.


⦁ Is your kitchen typically coastal? Make sure to install the stained pine cabinet. The interesting side of this type is the sudden change when the light strikes the storing object. To get the most out of favorable glamour, balancing the cabinet with the white countertop and industrial appliances is fabulous.

Get These Striking Ideas for Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors!

Some of the kitchen owners are likely unconcerned with the details of their cabinetry – the kitchen cabinet doors. However, these parts have the appearance you can’t think little of. Don’t you know that they come with variations in style, design, as well as finish? Here are some ideas to take into consideration:

⦁ Farmhouse-style cabinet Doors; an eccentric kitchen comes from the unusual-look kitchen cabinet doors. How do they come? The focal point is made up of aged wood panels and covered with fading shade. Although the surrounding is filled with the contemporary amenities; these guys still draw people’s attention. The pieces also personalize rustic scene. Get the DIY variety by benefitting your unused barn door.


⦁ Unless you don’t want to highlight your antiques from dishes to mugs from your kitchen cabinets, the ribbed glass selection is such a faultless option. The wavy glass invigorates the visual texture that directly brings elegant impact to visitors. This transparent kind is corresponding to the upper kitchen cabinet. And don’t ever try to install the glass on the lower one.

⦁ The wood grain cabinet door has smooth texture allowing the kitchen owners to fall in love. Why it is convenient to a modern kitchen since this wooden part is often identical with the urban-style. The horizontal lines show an array of shiny radiance teeming with authentic glamour. Once you adorn your cabinet with this guy, the homeowners will experience the natural feeling.

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⦁ An upper cabinet glass door with the stainless-steel touch adds not only present-day values but also the modern elegance. The shining metal and the textured-glass will bring in maximum reflection when natural light passes into your cooking spot.

⦁ The glass-front door comes with a translucent layer in which the kitchen owners could display a set of colorful china and ceramic. The objects in your storage are strongly accented. Arguably, this type is one of the inviting kitchen cabinet doors that fruitfully turn gloom into joy.

These Cool Kitchen Remodel Ideas Will Surely Blow Your Mind!

To actualize the concept of jaw-dropping fresh cooking space, taking account the kitchen remodel ideas is a must. Now it is time to clear out your boredom and monotonous old kitchen.

⦁ Arresting Farmhouse Kitchen


Inventing a farmhouse kitchen should regard a range of things. As it contains rustic feeling, a copper backsplash should match with the wooden wall. For the dramatic end, the cabinets of yours should arouse warmth – in this case, the fresh gray is the proper choice.

⦁ Airy and Bright Kitchen


The combination of white and mellow gray builds a setting giving limitless calm tone to the entire room. And this concept should be applicable to the all elements from the kitchen island to upper cabinets. Placing the woven rush seats obviously adds the casual vibe.

⦁ Antique Kitchen


Bringing the antiquity touch into your kitchen is not wrong – this one could be one of the off-beat ideas. Executing this is, for sure, not a difficult task. Start installing the tile backsplash loaded with salvaged-fixtures. Then, stick the floating shelves made of oak wood to the wall to place the antiques.

⦁ Simply Rustic Kitchen


To those of you who have no enough budgets, remodeling your kitchen with the simply rustic model is something impeccable. Fortunately, you don’t need to think of the whole renovation on the granite counters and cabinetry. Adorn the sink with the old tablecloth, locate the industrial table, and add the white stools.

All in all, there is no need to hire a professional when it comes to performing the kitchen remodel. With your own creativity and some information presented above, your dream kitchen will be realized immediately. Before everything is finished, mind all the key factors from picking out the right furniture to applying one of the kitchen remodel ideas.

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