Top 13 Closet Door Ideas to Try to Make Your Bedroom Tidy and Spacious


Closet Door Ideas-Combining elegance and comfort in your bedroom decoration is easy and affordable as well. For beginners, have time to research and select from the many closet door ideas out there which will assist you make your traditional bedroom into a contemporary space and give the best oasis where you can relax and rejuvenate after a long and tiring day.

Save Space without Compromising the Looks
The objective of every homeowner is to save space and at the same time make sure that the space is tidy and well kempt. Of course no homeowner wants a bedroom which is tight and no space, most essentially a caused by personal stuffs which can take huge area, thereby leaving you with no choice than to look for further space, in order to accommodated all the belongings.

Doing this can result in further expenses as rather than improvising a costlier and larger apartment. Closet is indeed a very essential thing that every homeowner must focus on so as to save space and make sure tidy and spacious room.

No one wants his belongings to be open to every visitor that comes around. The closet can easily accommodate a lot since its major function is for storage space. A closet takes the job of making your room look neat and tidy, however still it is essential to find the best closet that can’t just help your room tidy but also goes along with your decoration.

There are reasons why you must concentrate on the design of the closet door so you kept informed on how to create or modify a closet door in order to avoid taking lots of space more than it is anticipated to.

1. Curtain Close Door Idea

A lot of people choose curtain as they provide cover as well as hide your storage space and at the same time provide a remarkable appearance to your bedroom.

Some might even utilize the same drape to accentuate their bedrooms as the closet curtains. Make sure to buy curtains that go along with the color of your sofa or couches to make diverse kinds of exceptionality and individuality.

While this curtain, your closet can be aerated in order to avoid unwanted odor or heat since there’s passage of air inside and outside of your closet.

2. The Chalkboard Paint

Indeed this is one of the most exceptional closet door ideas. This involves the usage of chalkboard coat which is easy to apply and easy to dry.

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Aside from being superb and exceptional, chalkboard paint close door idea is also very valuable and useful. You can use this as a reminder board, where you can put things that will need to carry out the following day. This can also be utilized by kids to enhance their academic prowess.

3. Pop of Color

If you love color, then perhaps pop of color closet door ideas is perfect for you. This provides homeowners the chance to choose their preferred colors.

On the other hand, just ensure that you choose vivid or bright color and as much as possible, avoid white and black colors which are common and they aren’t ideal for modern trendy and fashionable closet doors.

Colors need to consider are yellow, red and purple. These colors will enhance the beauty of your room. You can try a combination of horizontal type of coloration; this will make your room showy and outstanding.

4. Bi-fold Closet Door Ideas

Two fold or bi-fold closet door, these are types of closet doors which save lots of space. And what is more, they could be coated or beautified so as to make an unmatched design.

You can make your bi-fold closet door detailed through setting up woods that are modelled into geometrical designs for a unique neoteric appearance.

Try hanging textile from the curtain rods on both ends and sides, then fold in the middle to give the look you want. You can replace the door with designer blinds. Using wallpapers will assist largely in making this closet door idea more inviting.

5. Mirror Closet Door Ideas

If you are looking for an exceptional way to provide your closet door a fashionable and classy appearance, then mirror closet door idea is the best choice. It also created a type of amazing effect which accentuates the looks of the entire room.

This is an all purpose close door ideas, simply because apart from making your room look fashionable, you can also use the mirror to check yourself up. This assists you a lot in ensuring that your clothes are well fit and makes dressing fast and easy as well.

6. Modern Glass

A little bit classy and modern compared to the usual type of mirror, this closet door idea is perfect for bedroom with contemporary design.

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Icy or frosted glass gliding doors are the best choice for many homeowners with the plan of putting in a unique style while hiding the storage room with the semi-translucent or opaque frosted door which provides an amazing look for your closet. A superimposed glass could be framed with conventional woods to obtain an exotic appearance.

If you are not concerned or uncertain on the damage to your closet door due to this material, you might consider using polymerized or thermoplastic close door that looks like a real glass door.

7. Closet Door Ideas: French Style

Craving for a French style decoration, then this closet door idea is for you. This make it simpler to the huge room to be accessible to accommodate lots of stuffs at the same time makes your room tidy and neat. A stylish moulding or painting can make your closet door look classy and unique.

8. Closet Door Ideas: Rainbow

Rainbow closet door ideas can be obtain by means of accentuating your closet door with diverse colors, thus making your door look cool. The tones embroider the white color, makes it appear like a rainbow. This is ideal for children room and for teens as well.

9. Closet Door Ideas Clutter Cover

Clutter cover closet door ideas seems like a shower curtain, however what makes this apart is that it is patterned in ways which it provides elegant looks. This is ideal for kid’s room as it looks very simple. Make sure to choose light curtain to obtain a perfect clutter cover closet door idea.

10. Closet Door Ideas Cabin Cover

One of the best and unique closet door ideas available, however it is highly advisable that your door ought to be clean and tidy as a drape hung on a long oar is utilized leaving the closet door exposed. When the closet is not clean, your room will look tattered. So, neatness should be considered first.

11. Closet Door Ideas: Mirror Image

In this closet door idea, twofold or bi-fold doors are joined with a mirror linked to it. Usually the mirror is big as the closet door that provides special theme effect as well as glamour and beauty to your room. This serves as a double function as the mirror can be used when dressing or when putting a makeup.

12. Closet Door Ideas: Curtain Call

This amazing closet door idea takes account of utilizing a long drape; you can use a white curtain but ensure it is made of silk to make your room look amazing and stunning.
The bedroom becomes ravishing what is more to offering a good and stylish cover and security of your storage space.

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13.Closet Door Ideas: Sliding barn

Using sliding door is indeed the best way to save extra space in your room. They are identical to accordion door that folds. On the other hand this sliding barn door instantly assists you make some space at the same time keep your stuffs in a good place.

Sliding bard doors are perfect for those who are looking for a rustic look. Still it is likely that you might not find this type of door easily, though it is widely known and available everywhere. On the other, in case you can’t find this kind of door, you can substitute it with distressed wood door. This really looks like a sliding bard door.

If you want a sliding door, then you have to know that they are on hand in various kinds; first is the pocket door wherein the door glides into the wall however this entails wall restructuring to accommodate the door, in spite of width and length.

Restructuring is a hard task, so make sure to call an expert. The second type is the use of hanger to hang your closet door. A door roller kit is predictable in this as that is what makes it likely for your closet door to roll. When buying for this, make sure that the door roller kit goes along with your specification prior to shelling out.

There you go; here are the best closet door ideas that you can give a try. This will not just make your room look amazing and clean, but also allows you to save lots of space.


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