Top 16 Best Accent Wall Ideas for Your Home

Accent Wall Ideas-Have you ever picked a color you really adored, coated your walls, put pictures and furniture back yet you feel that something is still missing? Most likely, you just need a pop of color in order to complete the look you want. An accent wall could provide you that additional pizazz which might still be absent.

Looking for the precise and correct accent color could be challenging and daunting, however the remarkable results will definitely be worth the hard work. The word accent means creating prominence, emphasis, or stresses anything.

Those are all the stuffs you like to do with your additional tone or shade. Usually accent colors are opposing color and colors such as yellow in a space with lots of black and white. People most of the time utilize darker and more intense colors. Also you can go with lighter shades if your walls are already dark.

If you are one of the many homeowners out there who are searching for amazing wall ideas, you are in the right place. This article will provide inspiring and unique accent walls ideas that can assist you look for the best design and style for your walls. These ideas are also useful for people who are planning to accent their walls.

If you have a plain or simple living room, just add these accent walls in any kind of edge, front and back of the area and this will transformed the area into an amazing spot. Below are some of the best and remarkable accent walls ideas that you can apply to your home walls:

1. Brick Accent Wall

Brick walls offer rustic accents, amazing style. It also offers a modern as well as industrial touch to any property. Brick walls are expensive; however you don’t have to pay a lot just to obtain this style. As a matter of fact, there are lots of faux brick walls on hand today.

2. Damask Stencil Wall Decor

This type of wallpaper adds a chic and elegant appearance to your walls. Damask is available in various design and patterns. On the other hand, if you are short of budget, you can try damask stencil. This is the cheapest but the best no-wallpaper solution. This is ideal for DIY décor fanatics. With these accent wall ideas, you can make sophisticated and elegant patterns on your wall.

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3. Map Wallpaper

If you love to travel then why not personalized your space using this map wallpaper. This accent wall idea offers a special and unique character to your room. If you want to make it more fashionable you can put in rustic furniture. This is an extremely simple as well as affordable method to liven up your room.

4. Instax Wallpaper

For sure you have memorable and cherished pictures. For people who love photography, perhaps they kept lots of favourite pictures; it doesn’t matter if it is an object, a person, amazing landmarks and sceneries. This instax wallpaper will make your wall and room unique at the same time always remind you the best times of your life.

5. Pallet Wood Accent Wall

If you are a DIY fanatic, then this accent wall idea is best for you. Wooden pallet wall ideas are not just cheap but also easy to and stress free to work with. This will surely transform your bedroom or living room into a very comfortable and amazing place. You can make a multi-colored wall, leave the natural tone or simply stain it with your preferred shade. The choice is all yours!

6. Color Accent Wall

Color accent wall is indeed the most popular accent wall ideas. To obtain a perfect color accent wall, choose a vibrant and bright shade and rather than utilizing it on all your walls, simply apply in the other side. This will provide you a tough and strong element.

7. Chalkboard Accent Wall

This is one of the best accent wall ideas out there that is not just best for your kid’s room, but also ideal to your kitchen and other spaces of your home. The best thing about this is that, it allows homeowners to change the looks of their room from time to time. You can write quote, personalized art or write reminders on it. This is easy to do; all you need is latex chalkboard paint.

8. Stone Accent Wall

Walls made of stone not just look amazing but it also appears to be strong and fashionable. This accent wall idea is perfect in your bathrooms, hallways and living rooms. It is expensive, but the good news is that you can have your own design without spending too much. You can try Airstone, an ultra-light component which could be adhered straight to your drywall and cut it with the use of hacksaw. There are no special tools needed; however mixing is required to make a remarkable results.

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9. Concrete Accent Wall

This kind of accent wall ideas allows you to add industrial and rough touch to your room. This looks good to rooms with hardwood flooring. To maximize the appearance, you can coat a faux concrete wall finish.

10. The Wood Ring Accent Wall

A lot of homeowners especially nature lovers love this accent wall idea, due to the fact that wood brings warmth and aside from the fact that it is easy to do. Basically it is disk of cut birch poles attached to the panels of plywood which make a graphic wall mosaic.

11. Rock Accent Wall Concepts in your Bathroom

Walls which are designed specifically with stones indeed the most chosen functions for restroom and shower decorations. Mounting the artificial natural rocks in your bathroom gives you an amazing and captivating bathroom design.
These natural stones and artificial stones are durable and damage and water resistant. So, you can put these behind your shower to change the looks of your space. This also gives you a spa-like experience.
There are many types of rocks available in great deals to choose from wherein you could find a good match for your bathroom wall design. You can also cover the surface of your sink wall with stones.

12. Bedroom Accent Wall ideas

Looking for an amazing bathroom wall ideas, look no further than stone wall. This is a lovey and cost efficient ways to get the flexible style component to your bedroom, which make them comfortable. With lots of appearance and colors to select from, for sure you can find one that will match your taste. Layout possibility is also plentiful.

13. Living Room Rock Accent Wall Ideas

Living room is perhaps the most important part of your home. This is where you welcome your guests, and of course you want to impress them. If you have a fireplace installed in your living room, you can highlight this fireplace with rock accent wall design. Rock is stylish that makes it ideal to put in your living room.
Stone is damage and humidity resistant, warm and strike resistant as well. So, in spite of what kind of fireplace you have, stone is always the best wall design. What is more, it seamlessly blends with wood that generate a cozy and very comfortable setting.

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14. Stunning Accent Wall Ideas

Do you have a dull and boring room, then the purple accent walls will surely enhance the appearance of your room and make it lively and full of energy. There are lots of purple accent walls ideas online and no matter what design you choose, this will surely bring a new life to your room.

15. Molding Accent Walls Ideas

Molding accent wall ideas are extremely remarkable and fashionable. However, you need to keep in mind that not all wall ideas entail vivid colors. In case you want to stay on the basic, and choose subtle upgrade, then this accent is the best way to go. This is extremely fashionable.

Molding accent wall ideas enhance the ornamental transition between your home wall surfaces and floors. It is just because this molding accent idea has amazing range of materials which are readily on hand, which allows you to have a style and versatility.

Molding accent walls are available in various materials such as woods, foam, plastic as well as rubbers. It doesn’t matter if you’re updating your living room or bedroom, your guests will surely love the beauty of this molding accent.

16. The Mural Accent Walls Idea

This is one of the best yet old-fashioned accent wall ideas. Mural accent wall ideas are brave, bold as well as unusual. This also expresses your personalities. You don’t have any skills or talents in painting, all you need is to mount a chalkboard and this will assist make a new art. This will surely give your wall and your home a wow factor.

These are just some of the best accent wall ideas that every homeowner can follow. These will not just make your home looks good and exceptional, but also allows you to save a lot because they are cheap options.

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