Unbelievable Undeground Homes You Need To See

Underground houses are an alternative to above-ground houses for people who are into preserving the environment and minimize what above ground housing can do. There are several benefits to underground housing that many people may not even think about when either building a home, or house hunting. Houses aren’t the only type of buildings that can benefit from being underground level; office buildings and factories are also types of dwellings that can reap the benefits of being underground, too.

Yes, underground houses are rare to find today, but outside the United States, there are many countries where underground living is still commonplace. The Chinese often built their homes underground centuries ago, while today, some areas in Italy, Tunisia and parts of Australia, they are still constructing underground housing and it is the preferred choice for living. In fact, entire communities still exist in many countries with underground housing being the only type of dwelling you’ll find there. Often times this type of housing is preferred in other countries when there is the presence of extreme weather conditions. While some underground houses or dwellings are entirely submerged below the earth’s surface, not all underground houses are. A home can still be considered underground with only a portion of the home being built below the surface.

Have you ever considered living underground?

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I was browsing through a forum I follow on social media when I came across a question someone was asking about building a home underground. So I decided to do a little research on the internet and see what type of underground homes really do exist. I wanted to share my findings with you all, so in the event that you might be interested in building a home underground, you could use this as inspiration.

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