110 Ways to Turn Your Staircase Into Something Remarkable


The gap under the stairs can be a curious spot to put things; it tends to be dark, and the ceiling slants, so shelving has to be flexible and inventive. That being said, you can turn this tight spot into an adorable nook for storage, reading or relaxing. Here are a few of the most popular Pinterest ideas for your inspiration.

Create a Hideaway

The space under the stairs can be turned into a wonderful spot to read or catch a cat nap with a few cushions, a small foam mattress and just a bit of carpentry. This cozy nook would be popular with people or pets, and the addition of a small window opens up the space nicely.

A Tidy Office

With a little framing, you can create hanging shelves that drop down under each stair as the steps descend This under the stair nook just needs a lamp, a small desk and a laptop to become a full-fledged home office! For those sheltering in place or working from home and looking for a bit of focus and privacy, these shelves offer great storage with minimal invasion.

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Shoe Storage

The addition of drawers to the bottom of a staircase means that you can reduce the amount of dirt and other contamination that comes into your house and enjoy a one of a kind storage feature. You can use both drawers as a shoe drop off if your clan is large, or put shoes in the bottom drawer and store slippers and house shoes just above them. No matter your choice, these clever pull out drawers make it easy to reduce bulk and keep shoes out of sight.

A Whole Wardrobe at Your Fingertips

Creating cupboards and drawer space under a staircase could give your inner minimalist some really good ideas about how to downsize, The addition of cubist drawers and sturdy drawers on long pull-outs could serve as a one of a kind wardrobe, or provide your family with seasonal storage for any number of things. The panels are made of simple edged plywood, so while the construction is sturdy, it isn’t complex.

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Drawers Galore

A well-trimmed house deserves a well-trimmed staircase, and this drawer unit under the stairs offers remarkable uniformity with the rest of the house. Heavy duty, well-constructed drawers offer you the chance to store bulk household items discreetly until they’re needed. From dishes to linens, bedding to candlesticks, you’ll find many uses for these beautiful drawers.

Create a Buffet

Putting cabinetry under the stairs to best use could include a countertop! This unit includes open shelving for display purposes and drawers and cabinets for bulk storage. There’s also a black, glossy countertop for flexibility. You could easily turn this space into a bar for a house party or a buffet line for dessert after a dinner party.


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