120 Farmhouse Style Decorating Ideas and Tips to Bring Comfort and Nostalgia to Your Master Bedroom


Farmhouse-style master bedroom decorating styles hearken back to a time when life was lived in a much simpler manner. Members of the household woke up to the crow of the rooster and to the smell of eggs and bacon cooking on the wood stove. Farm life required hard work and discipline, and such a life demanded that the inhabitants of the house had someplace comfortable and safe to retire to at the end of the day. Farmhouse-style decorating captures the nostalgia and simple beauty of the this decorating style. The following tips capture some of the best ideas for decorating a bedroom in this style.

Picture Frames Made From Antique Windows

Farmhouse decor often comes from found objects that are used in a new way, and that’s the premise behind using an old paned-glass window as a picture frame.

To make this clever frame, just place a picture or pictures behind the panes of an old window. The glass panes allow you to see through to the picture/s behind the glass. It looks even more “country-ish” if the paned-glass window is a bit distressed, which brings a shabby chic element to a farmhouse-style master bedroom design.

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Fireplaces in the Bedrooms

Another common element in farmhouse master bedroom designs are fireplaces in the bedroom. Once upon a time, homes didn’t have central heating, so having a fireplace in the bedroom was necessary to keep the bedroom warm.

In modern farmhouse bedrooms, the addition of a fireplace serves as a reminder of this architectural element of the past. Home decorators can add interesting elements to this set up by stacking chopped wood by the fireplace and by decorating the mantel, with items like mini-pumpkins, baby’s breath in Mason jars and black and white family portraits.

A Variety of Textures

A common element in farmhouse decorating styles is the mixing of different textures. This tendency comes from the utilitarian approach that home decorators take, meaning that many of the decorative items serve a purpose. They don’t necessarily have to match whatever else is in the master bedroom because this isn’t a style that’s planned out much. Instead, pieces are acquired over time and made to fit in with the other items that are already in the room. That’s why so many different textures, like burlap, linen, velvet and cotton, can end up the same room.

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Barn Doors

Using sliding barn doors in place of a standard door is another popular trend that’s seen in farmhouse-style master bedroom designs. Typically, the barn door is distressed. The doors are mounted on the wall and slide open, like a sliding-glass door.


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