120 Genius Repurposing Ideas Teach Us How To Turn Junk Into Treasure

Creativity is such a broad concept…it’s hard to even define it. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to come up with examples and a lot of times they have to do with items being repurposed and used as something else or in environments where they weren’t originally meant to be.

A lot of things can be repurposed, including furniture, decorations and large things like pallets or even shipping containers. In one way or another, they can all be used to create a home with tons of character.

It’s hard to believe that anything beautiful can come out of a dirty old tire but you’d be surprised. The thing is, old tires are quite special. They tell stories and they each have a rich and interesting history. They actually deserve to be put on display. If you agree, check out thecraftpatchblog to find out how to turn a tire into a wreath decorated with delicate flowers and lovely ornaments.

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