156 Actually Useful Paver Design Tips and Ideas for Your Patio


When it comes to building a new patio, no doubt you want a patio that stands out from the neighbor’s patio. However, achieving that unique look can be challenging as there are many options available. Having some practical insights will help you choose the right patio for your property. Below are some tips you consider when choosing a paver patio design. 

Shape Matters A lot

The shape of the pavers you intend to use matters a lot, especially if you want to create borders that will enhance your patio’s artistic value. The right borders are those that carefully divide your patio from its surrounding landscape while blending into your environment naturally.

If you use a single border, you might feel that it will confine your space.  Using double or triple borders together with diverse colored pavers will allow you to get more creative. For instance, you can separate your patio from the border by using a slightly distinct color.

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To get a more luxurious look, add banding across it. You end up with an exceptional pattern right in the middle of that patio. You can also create borders, and banding within fire pits and retaining walls. This will add flair to the vertical structures, giving them noticeable pop.

Consider adding an exciting border if you own a fire pit, incorporated into the paver patio, this will make the area look even more fabulous.

Don’t Throw Away Old Pavers

As you replace your old pavers with new ones, make sure you keep the old ones.
You can use old pavers for other projects you’ve had in mind.  Not only will you save money, but old pavers will enhance any project design.


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