25 Bold And Eye-Catchy Pattern Accent Walls

An accent or statement wall is a great and easy idea to refresh any space, add an accent, color, pattern, texture and interest to it, to highlight the style and decor of the room. An accent wall can be different: done with stone, bricks, wood, paints and much more but today we’ll take a look at patterned accent walls that can be done with various materials and means, too: mostly with wallpaper, decals or wood pieces. Let’s begin!

Floral patterns are adorable! This is a timeless decor idea, whether you take realistic or usual ones, and there are many color combos that can fit any room. A floral accent wall is a popular idea for a bedroom, it can be also used in dining, living rooms and even home offices if it’s a girlish room.

What other patterns can you use? Literally any patterns that come to your mind! Animal prints like zebra or Dolmatin, small or large scale terrazzo accent walls, scallops, various fantasy and abstract patterns that will fit a bold boho or mid-century modern space. Rock various colors, sizes, looks for your rooms and make your home bolder easier rocking a patterned accent wall!

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