25 Bold Yellow Accent Walls For A Shiny Touch


Illuminating or just yellow and all its shades are the colours of the year, and they are sure to be everywhere! That’s not surprising as we all want joy, love and peace, after all, we’ve been through and yellow is the colour of joy, it’s associated with sunshine. How to bring a bit of yellow to your interiors to make a big impact still? Go for a yellow accent wall!

A yellow accent wall can be integrated into almost any room – from a kitchen to a nursery and can be done in many different ways. Yellow also easily fits many decor styles except perhaps the most minimal ones and those that are usually done in restraint colour schemes, for example, Scandinavian, though even in a Nordic room there’s always a place for a bold accent.

First of all, you choose a material to go with: tiles, panels, wallpaper or just paint. The latter is the easiest and most budget-friendly, while others will provide patterns or textures, which will look interesting. A painted yellow accent wall can be also a unique idea depending on the colour you use and some techniques like colour blocking, brushstrokes and so on.

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Tracing geometric figures in bold yellow on neutrals walls is a very bold and catchy idea, too. Second, decide which wall you are going for and how much yellow you will use – some walls can be accented only partially for a bolder contrast. Take a look at some chic ideas below and enjoy!


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