25 Cheerful And Shiny Yellow Living Rooms


After all those things that happened, love and joy and a touch of sunshine in our lives are all that we need, and that’s why Illuminating or just yellow was chosen as one of the main colours of 2021. We’ve gathered some amazing and jaw-dropping living rooms done with yellow shades, in various colour palettes and in all kinds of styles, take a look to get inspired for your next renovation.

Yellow walls or a single accent wall is the easiest way to add colour to your space – it will look shiny! Choose a colour that attracts you, it can be anything from pale yellow to mustard, and you may rock all the walls or just one or two, which is a good idea if you hesitate about the colour. The accent wall can be done not only with paint but also with wallpaper, panels and some other things.

How else can you add yellow to your living room? First of all, with furniture. Think luxurious and comfortable mustard sofas, cozy yellow chairs, amazing yellow stools and coffee tables and much more – everything you like is welcome! Add yellow with textiles like pillows, rugs and curtains, this is very easy and very budget-friendly at the same time.

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Artworks, prints, various accessories are last but not least to add colour to space. Play with different shades of yellow to add brightness and enjoy!


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