25 Cool Grey And Yellow Bedrooms That Invite In

Grey and yellow are a match made in heaven! Sunny or moody mustard yellow perfectly completes moody graphite grey or light dove grey looks, these are great complementing colors. A bedroom decorated in such a color scheme will be very welcoming, bold and inviting. Wanna proofs?

There are tons of shades of both colors, grey can be light, very light like dove grey, average or even dark, graphite and very dark grey. Yellow’s popular tones are mustard, lemon, sunshine yellow, and they all blend perfectly with greys bringing a bright touch and making it non-boring at once. You may also add neutrals, black and white to this color scheme, try navy or hunter green, even red and rust. As for decor styles, grey and yellow can fit any decor style, from vintage to minimalist and will look absolutely organic. Even if you have an all-neutral room, you can spruce it up with yellow and black touches to make it bolder.

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How will you incorporate this color scheme into your bedroom? Start with the walls: will you choose shades of grey or will you go sunny yellow? This might a single yellow accent wall in a grey space, too, it will blend perfectly. Decide whether you want grey, creamy, black or even yellow furniture – or a mix of these colors. Continue decorating the room with your color palette using gallery walls, accessories and of course linens – bedding, curtains and rugs to accent the room. Actually, the latter are among the best ways to spruce up a room without spending much. Get inspired! 

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