25 Gorgeous Grey And Yellow Home Offices

Grey and yellow are the number one colour scheme of 2021 as they are the colours of the year, and they will be actually any time thanks to their versatility. Grey and yellow can be applied to most of the homes and most of the styles, and today we’ll see how to manage them in your home office and make it look ultimate.

You may go for only grey and yellow, this is a gorgeous and very timeless colour scheme to rock, there are many shades to choose from to create any effect you want. Creamy and white are often seen in such spaces, too, make them look softer and fresher, and you may bring in dark wood stains, black, navy and green to create a cool look. Of course, other colours aren’t forbidden, either, they are welcome in crazily colourful spaces. What styles are available? Almost any styles are welcome, except for maybe Scandinavian, which is traditionally far from bold shades, but still, there can be some exceptions.

Work with grey as the main colour and yellow as an additional one plus some other colour – you’ll get a perfect space rocking that 60/30/10 rule! Why do we recommend not to use much yellow? This is a very active colour, which is associated with sunshine and joy and overdoing it may cause anxiety if you spend much time in the room. Incorporate it with an accent wall, an accent furniture piece – a chair or some shelves, with accessories and other accents you like. Get more ideas below!

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