25 Jaw-Dropping Colorful Fireplace Designs

If you are a colour addict, I have an idea to add it to your space in a very unexpected and new way – to the fireplace! This is a very unusual option that won’t leave anyone indifferent and will accent your room in a very creative way. Such a fireplace is always a conversation starter with a wow factor and it will be your fresh take on that traditional decor that is sometimes boring and tiring.

A fireplace can be clad with super bold tiles that will create a mood; they can be of a solid colour or with some prints and highlight your room decor and style. Rock geometric tiles, Moroccan pattern tiles or clad them in a cool way to make your fireplace a super bold feature. You may add a neutral surround or mantel for a contrasting look or crown it all with a bright or pastel mantel depending on the effect you want to produce.

A colourful mantel or fireplace surround is perhaps the easiest and the most popular idea to apply to your fireplace – it won’t take much effort or time, it can be changed rather easily. Pair your bold surround with bright tiles or brick, fill the fireplace with colourful balloons or firewood to make them look more eye-catching.

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