25 Non-Boring Black Walls To Add Drama

Black is a classic colour that always works with any other, and many homeowners and designers started choosing it as a wall colour, whether it’s an accent wall or all the walls, as moody spaces are in trend. But plain black walls don’t always work, they may seem boring just like plain white ones creating a gloomy effect. How to avoid that? Make your black walls special!

A black wall can be decorated and clad in many different ways. First of all, you may choose not only to paint your wall black but also to use other coverings and means to make it black. These can be marble, black brick, stone, tiles, pegboards, chalkboard paint and much, much more! The choice of the material depends on the style of your space and what effect you want to achieve.

For example, a chalkboard statement wall will be a nice idea for a kids’ study or play space, a black tiled wall is a great solution for a kitchen where you need something practical and functional, black wood will add a warm touch to your living room, and black brick or stone will bring texture anywhere you use them.

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