25 Striped Accent Walls For Your Home

The most common patterns used to decorate interior walls are stripes in all their glorious variations. They can be horizontal, vertical, one stripe, lots of stripes, jagged stripes, colorful stripes.

Painting basic stripes on the wall is easy enough: just decide how thick you want the stripes to be, use painter’s tape to mark off the borders, then fill in the lines with your desired color of paint. If you’d rather not be bothered with a paintbrush, there are many striped wallpapers. With today’s easy-up, easy-down wall coverings, you can even decorate a rental’s walls with your favorite pattern.

As with any linear pattern, be sure to take time to measure carefully in advance and confirm your pattern repeat works within the dimensions of your room. For example, if you are painting a striped wall yourself, be sure to plan in advance and take into account that the ceiling and floor may not be perfectly parallel, so a wider stripe is more forgiving.

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Anytime you put stripes on the walls, you want to be sure that your walls are even, and if you’re in an old house with slanted floors or sagging ceilings, the final space might not have level stripes. In this instance, it might be better to save the stripes for curtains or furniture. Skip supporting your striped accent wall with other items or stick to just a single piece and voila – a cool space is done!

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