25 Sweet Thanksgiving Tree Decor Ideas

Thanksgiving is a very family holiday, everybody is gathering to have a meal, a talk and enjoy seeing each other. Creating a proper welcoming ambience in the space is key to a successful family gathering or Friendsgiving, and your decor will help you with that. We usually use wreaths, garlands, signs, pumpkins, various outdoor decorations, too, but what about a fall or Thanksgiving tree? Take your usual Christmas tree out of the pantry and put it up – I have some ideas to create an ultimate one!

First of all, decide on the color scheme of your tree, this way it will look more stylish. Usually, people prefer traditionally fall colors like orange, rust, brown, grey, tan and burgundy and green, they will help you to show that it’s not a Christmas tree. Of course, if you have an orange tree, you might want black and white decor for a contrast. Second, use lights for tree decor, though it’s not Christmas, they will look very nice accenting your decor, whatever style you are going for.

Rustic style is number one for Thanksgiving decorating, and a rustic or farmhouse Thanksgiving tree is a very lovely piece that will set up a mood. Decorate your tree with pumpkins, pinecones, lights, leaves and natural greenery. Burlap ribbons are welcome for a slight vintage feel. If you want modern rustic decor, just skip any blooms and use only faux pumpkins avoiding other faux elements. Add ornaments in fall colors – yes, your Christmas ornaments can be easily applied here.

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Vintage style is among the most popular ones for Thanksgiving, and that’s not surprising as it’s very elegant and quite inviting. To make such a tree, you may use faux bright blooms (sunflowers are the most popular ones), bright faux leaves, berries, branches and lights. You may also use vintage figurines like scarecrows or dolls. Place some candles in candle lanterns or pumpkins under the tree and enjoy the look!

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