25 Vibrant And Colorful Kids’ Rooms That Wow


Though we’ve heard many times that kids’ rooms should be neutral and peaceful to avoid stress and too many emotions arisen, most of children really love bright and love looking at them and having everything colorful by their side. If your kid is one of these and he or she want to live in a room with plenty of color, today’s roundup will give you inspiration!

If you aren’t using a certain theme to decorate your kid’s room, you are free to do what you and your kids like with the styles and colors. Actually, bright shades can be integrated into any style and decor, from modern to rustic, and you may use any color combos. Rock from 2-3 colors to completely rainbow-like rooms, pair brights and pastels for a softer look, go for crazy mixes of colors. The room can be all bright or you may go for a neutral space spruced up with some bold artworks, toys, pillows and bedding, it’s up to you and your kids.

What can be bright in a kid’s room? Everything! A very trendy idea is an accent wall or a wall mural done in bright shades, it can be anything from a rainbow to some bold florals, for example. If it’s not an option, think of making a cool gallery wall with bright art and faux taxidermy. Continue the decor with bright bedding, rugs, curtains and even a canopy over the bed. Colorful toys and accessories will help you finish up the decor. Take a look at various ideas below to get inspired!

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