27 Cool Gothic Living Room Designs

A Gothic room is usually refined and may seem gloomy to some people – but that’s not true! A Gothic living room can be colorful, bright and whimsy in case you think over the details carefully. How to design one properly and make it chic and breathtaking?

A Gothic living room doesn’t mean only black, you can use various colors from dark chocolate to bright red. You can choose a more refined variant with black and white walls, red accessories and deep purple, or a more modern design with some beautiful gloomy wall mural, bright or pale furniture, minimalist accessories.  A black living room can be completed with jewel-tone furniture and accessories, a monochromatic grey and black living room will create a very moody feel.

What other styles can you pair your Gothic with? Gothic style is the best companion of steampunk, so you can mix them very beautifully. It can be also used together with Victorian style, with modern, contemporary and even rustic decor. You may also give it a Vampire feel, for example, or go for Addams family style.

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How to express the style even if you have light-colored walls? Gothic decor means refined furniture, chic vintage gallery walls, potted greenery and a vintage fireplace if any. These are the staples that you may incorporate into your living room to make it feel Gothic. The furniture can be modern or vintage but it shoulder very elegant and chic, potted greenery will enliven the space, and a gallery wall will create a mood. as for latter, you can include not only cool artworks and photos but also statement mirrorsin refined frames. A non-working fireplace is another cool thing to display some objects on the mantel and inside it. And don’t forget about exquisite crystal chandeliers and lamps, they will help you create the mood. Enjoy the ideas below!

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