27 Impressive Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas

If you like Gothic, old luxury, black and red and vampire sagas, have a look at these luxurious bedrooms. These beautiful and sometimes just jaw-dropping Gothic bedrooms will inspire you to bring this style to your sleeping space, too.

Gothic means not only black but also red or even blue, and you needn’t rock an all-black bedroom unless you really want that. You can create a bedroom in traditional black and white colors adding some Gothic accessories and details.

To make the impression less moody add beige or pink to the interior – and you’ll be excited by the result. Black and pink will create a glam ambience with a Gothic feel, and black and crimson will make your bedroom look vampire-like. Shiny metallic touches and mirrored surfaces are always welcome to bring a refined feel to the space.

Gothic is already a style but you can give it a classic vintage or more modern feel at the same time. You may also rock glam, Vitorian touches or go for shabby chic elements – it’s up to you

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