33 Relaxing Japanese-Inspired Front Yard Décor Ideas


Continuing the theme of Japanese décor, I’d like to show you some beautiful ideas for your front yard today. Just imagine – you come home after a long day and your front yard, which you see first, looks like an oasis of calmness and relaxation.

What will happen if you design your front yard in Japanese style: stones, thin trees, grass and moss and fantastic water bodies inspired by traditional Japanese décor.

Start from choosing plants for your front yard, you can stick to only grass, or add shrubs and trees that you like; blooms aren’t traditional for Japanese gardens but if you want some, rock them to show that it’ not only a Japanese space but also an American or European one.

Go for pebbles of various shades, use stone tiles or better rock ones to make paths. Choose a stone bowl and bamboo fountain for your garden, rock a beautiful traditional stone lantern or several ones and a stone bench if you need one.

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I was always surprised how a small pond or a bamboo fountain can add charm and relaxing touches to any space, and that happens to Japanese front yards for sure. Enjoy the pics below and get inspired for creating your own Japanese front yard.


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