34 Popular Summer Interior Colors Ideas For This Season

Summer time is always a lot of fun and it’s a great time to really change the inside of your home and make it more summer, more brighter, and more alive with the relaxed tropical feel.

There are many small things that you can do to change your home around and give that island feel of total relaxation.

First, the common change of going with light colors is really big. But if you can’t repaint or add bright colors then try to get rid of your darker colors. This could be things like getting rid of your dark blankets, dark pillows, and dark area rugs. Small changes will not only open the spaces but it will make it all brighter.

Second, go barefoot and get rid of those area rugs. This will let you wake up refreshed and walk on that cool wood floor. It will also have the affect of opening the room up more. If you have carpet then you can’t get rid of that, but you can add some plants to your room. This will just give it more color and that will help with the summer style.

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Third, you have to go for the furniture rearrange. Really spend some time thinking about this because you want to do a rearrange so more light can get into the room and so you can use the furniture and enjoy the windows and natural light.

Fourth, get some lounging furniture for the summer. If you just add one or two different lounging chairs or mini-couches then you can create a relaxation space in your living room or bedroom. This is great because you can just go in there and totally chill out which will give you a whole new frame of mind when you are in your home. Use really nice fabric for a blanket like bamboo or silk. This will add that extra that will relax you and add some style.

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