36 Cool Bunk Beds That Offer Us The Gift Of Style

Ever noticed that bunk beds are used in such a diverse array of settings that includes children’s rooms but also ships, army garrisons, dormitories and even prison cells? It’s funny how we reduce the meaning of the term to only the pleasant things that create beautiful memories.

Bunk beds can be arranged in a variety of different configurations and you can have two or more beds stacked and combined in a way that makes sense for the room and the layout. This is a great example by Natasha Wallis Design of how you can make four beds in a single fairly small room without making it feel cluttered and tiny.

Another great combo is to have two bunk beds plus a pull-out mattress underneath the bottom one which adds a third sleeping spot for any friends that want to sleepover. A simple ladder gives access to the top bunk and the white frame matches the windows, the walls, ceiling and the overall design theme of the room.

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