36 Ways to Effortlessly Create Space in Small Apartment Living Rooms


Living rooms are supposed to be practical and beautiful. They are the heart of the home where laughter and good memories are made. But how do you turn your small, drab living room into a place where light dances on your chosen furniture, where color, charm, and ambiance paint that perfect picture?

If you are constantly arranging furniture, struggling after years to pick out that perfect color curtain, or even embarrased to invite your friends over, fear no longer. We have put together a list of 36 of the most popular designs on Apt2B. If you become inspired from one of these photos, we believe you truly cannot go wrong.

Simply Lush

Take the plants out of this room and what do you have? Beige walls with a matching area rug, sheer curtains, and a dark couch. Replace the furniture with any wooden table set, and it could be your living room. The difference lies in the plants. Perched near the window, the plants not only add color, but also life. They bring that nurturing touch to an otherwise mediocre room, turning it into a simple, modern home.

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Two Birds with One Stone

An example of shoebox living at its finest: here we have the elegant coffee table, and its transparant qualities open up the room. The sectional is cozily nestled against the wall nook, resting peacefully against the radiant window. The spot looks like a great place to curl up, read a book, and daydream. Then behind the couch we have a work space, perfectly contained, extremely practical, and aesthetically pleasing to the senses.


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