38 Farmhouse Sunrooms You Will Never Want to Leave

A sunroom is all we need in spring and fall, but especially in early spring because we are so tired of gloomy winter days! Design a sunroom or a sunroom space in farmhouse style and you’ll feel the real warmth and coziness, exactly what we want for colder days. How to pull off such style right?

You may create a vintage or modern farmhouse space, going more rustic or more modern or vintage – there are lots of touches that can be applied to farmhouse style, and you may choose to mix them all up or just use some.

The color palette is totally up to you but I must say that farmhouse usually means neutrals and creamy shades but of course you may rock various bright accents, too. For example, you may add bright touches: green, orange, sunny yellow or red – it’s a sunroom and they will shine in the light. You may also incorporate some prints like stripes or plaid that are traditional for farmhouses.

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Now choose decor and furniture according to farmhouse style you want. Get simple rustic furniture: a sofa, a couple of chairs, a coffee or a dining table; wicker baskets for storage and a carpet to feel comfy; blinds are also a great idea to have a nap – all this decor will be nice for modern farmhouse or very rustic farmhouse spaces.

The furniture can be also very refined if you are going for vintage farmhouse or French farmhouse style. If you want French farmhouse style, another idea is to go for whitewashed décor and shabby chic instead of vintage furniture. Py attention to cozy textiles like layered rugs, curtains, pillows and other stuff, they can make your space more welcoming. Don’t forget some potted greenery or succulents in neutral planters, too, they will enliven the space. Add candles and candle lanterns as a finishing touch and voila. Get inspired by the ideas below!

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