40 Beautiful And Cute Shabby Chic Kids Room Designs


When I look at shabby chic kids’ rooms, I wish I had a little daughter! Shabby chic style is one of the most popular for children’s spaces, to be precise, for girls’ rooms because such a cute and chic style is perfect for a little princess. Of course, you may style such a room gender neutral or style it for boys but you’ll see a shabby chic room for girls much more often. Pink, blush, grey, white, pastels combined with ruffles and floral patterns will become a breathtaking base for such a room.

Then you’ll need vintage and shabby chic furniture: a canopy bed, cute cabinets and open shelves, a table, a play kitchen and chairs. You may also incorporate some rustic, boho or modern pieces, too, but don’t emphasize them as they aren’t from this style usually.

Crystal chandeliers, lamps, buntings, signs and flower decorations are right what you need, and if it’s possible, find shabby chic toys to continue the theme. Finish off the space with pretty floral textiles and make it even more beautiful. Make your little princess happy!

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