40 Coastal And Beach-Inspired Sunroom Design Ideas

It’s spring now but I can’t stop thinking about the coming summer and a wonderful time on some beach. If you have a beach house or just feel inspired by the seaside, you just need to have a beach-inspired sunroom! Why not design it right now and feel that sea spirit?

You may choose any style you like and that matches your home decor: a modern, contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian, vintage, farmhouse and so on. As for colour palettes, navy and all shades of blue are traditional for beach and coastal interiors but you may also try turquoise, aqua, mint blue, grey and even purple. There are several sea-inspired colours that will look amazing for a nautical space: navy, orange, red, aqua, turquoise and white. If you want something bold and contemporary, use a colour scheme of white, blues and fuchsia or hot pink to make it bright and cheerful.

Choose the furniture according to the chosen style, it can be indoor or outdoor pieces of rattan or some other traditional outdoor wood. A vintage space can be done with heavy dark furniture with white or navy upholstery, and a Scandinavian one will benefit from simple wooden pieces. Bring tables for drinks and books and some pouffes or ottomans that also match the style of the space. Add driftwood, rope and sea creatures like urchins, shells, sea stars and wicker furniture to make space cozier. If it’s a beach or coastal cottage, don’t forget to maximize the size of the windows for a fantastic view and avoid any curtains or you can add blinds if the sun is getting annoying sometimes. Get inspired to create your ultimate coastal sunroom!

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