40 Cute And Yummy Apple Wreaths For Fall Home Décor

Apples always symbolize autumn, harvest and yummies! Add a bit of such cuteness not only to your food but also to the décor – it’s so easy! Apples can be used for centerpieces, garlands, place cards and wreaths. Your fall wreath can be wild and woodland-like, rustic or farmhouse, modern or all-natural, apples can be styled and used in many different ways. 

A fall wreath with apples is pretty easy to make and very eye-catching, no matter if you take fresh and natural or faux apples, which are available in many different colors. Cover a wreath form (usually a vine one) with them completely or partly, or just insert a couple of apples into a composition with leaves, pumpkins, berries and so on. 

You can also slice the apples and dry them so that these slices looked natural and fresh, then attach them to the wreath for a yummy and non-traditional look. You may use faux or real apples, foliage, berries and other stuff depending on what you want – a more lasting piece or just a natural decoration for now. There are many DIYs to make your own apple wreath and personalize it, or you can buy a ready piece and change it if you want. Get inspired!

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