43 Dreamy Attic Sunroom Design Ideas

Sun rays – that’s what we lack these cold days, so if you still don’t have a sunroom or just some sunspace – may be a part of some room – get inspired by the ideas below! We’ve already told you of some cool sunroom design ideas but today’s article is special: it’s about attic spaces. Guys, if you have a free attic space or even a corner – turn it into a sunroom! An attic space is especially easy to turn into a sun-catching one as you can get a glass ceiling and walls and just enjoy lots and lots of sunlight.

The style and colour scheme are up to you, if it’s a part of the room, then it should match, and if not – why not create what you really like? Rustic, farmhouse, shabby chic, vintage, contemporary or Scandinavian style can be a nice solution for a sunroom. You may go for more an orangery or more a sunroom, for example, it’s up to you. You may also include several zones like living room, dining and reading and even working space or have just one.

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Decide whether you want outdoor or indoor furniture here and take care that it matched your style. Bring matching decor like artworks, potted plants, blooms and greenery, tableware and stuff you like. Hang some curtains if you want privacy or want to avoid sunshine sometimes. Hang stylish lamps and chandeliers to make your sunroom delightful. Cozy up space as much as you can – you will love cuddling here. The design of your sunroom is totally up to you, below you’ll find some awesome ideas to decorate it, catch and steal some, enjoy and get inspired!

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