44 Enchanted Shabby Chic Living Room Designs

We continue inspiring you with beautiful shabby chic spaces, and today it’s all about living rooms. Shabby chic style is so special because it’s gorgeous yet very relaxed, so you can turn your living room in a very inviting and soft-looking space using this style.

Start from whitewashing the walls – this will be a tender base for your shabby chic living space; if you think it’s too cold, add some pastel shades. Rocking some vintage floral print wallpaper is also an option, you may use it for an accent wall. Find some old furniture in your grandma’s house and restore it in a beautiful shabby way.

Another way to go is to use vintage refined furniture with a slight rustic feel, it always works creating a more relaxed and warm feeling. Add charming touches like vintage candleholders, a fireplace, mirrors and paintings that will help you create an ambience and enjoy! Find some inspiration below!

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