45 Modern Window Treatment Ideas For Privacy And Style

The windows in your home are your connection to the outside world, and how you choose to dress them speaks volumes about your interior design style. Leaving them uncovered is a sleek, modern look for those who live in wooded or isolated areas. If curtains are too fussy for your minimalist furnishings and blinds are too blah for your modern taste, plenty of alternatives are available. Here are some modern window treatment ideas to protect your privacy while showing off your style.

Frosted glass, window films and glass alternatives let in light while protecting artwork, wood and other household items from fading because of sun exposure and give a decent level of privacy to you. As for frosting or filming, you can frost an entire window for ultimate privacy or you can partially frost it so you can still enjoy the views outside.

Laser-cut metal and folding screens make a bold architectural statement. They can add to the exterior and interior of your home keeping privacy when it’s needed and can be even used for security reasons. Solid-panel shutters or those with adjustable louvers can be painted to match or complement a room’s color scheme.

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Shutters are typically associated with older, traditional houses, but modern shutters do exist, and they can look amazing. With options for both interior and exterior shutters, they can be a stylish way to block out unwanted light and increase the privacy of your home.

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