45 Sweet Vintage Bedroom Décor Ideas To Get Inspired

Ah, sweet vintage! This exquisite and delicate style is very popular now, and I’ve prepared some adorable ideas for those who have a heart for it.

The style is defined, so try light or pastel shades, maybe white as the basic colors for a vintage bedroom. You may play with textures and add some slight and unobtrusive patterns like stripes, polka dots and florals. Layer neutrals and pastels to get a more eye-catchy look, and don’t forget some vintage metals like brass for more elegance.

Vintage bedrooms aren’t only for girls but they are often very feminine: with lace, refined furniture, floral-patterned textiles and ruffles; go for shabby chic and just vintage beds, benches and chairs. A canopy, a luxurious chandelier, floral patterned wallpapers will help you to create a necessary atmosphere. You can also add an elegant vanity in the corner as it’s exquisite vanities are typical for this style. Get inspired by the ideas below!

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