48 Creative Fall Pinecone Decorations You’ll Love

Pinecones are usually considered great décor elements for the winter but you can add a pretty natural touch with them in the fall, too, or make super cool fall to winter decorations and centerpieces that will work for both seasons and you won’t have to swap them!

Pinecones are perfect for any type of decorations, they needn’t any changes – just put them into a bowl, add leaves, acorns and pumpkins, and a perfect fall centerpiece or just decoration is done! If you still want to change the look of the pinecones you have, just bleach them or gild them to fit both fall and winter or make them snowy, which is usually great for winter.

You can also take beautiful ribbon and hang the pinecones, or make a cool wreath using them. Making garlands, mobiles, or just adding pinecones to your fall arrangements and lanterns is a great idea. Use them both inside and out, they are very durable – create your cozy fall atmosphere with cute pinecones! 

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