49 Colorful And Airy Spring Living Room Designs

Only some days are left before spring comes but its light breath can be felt already. Here are some ideas on how to decorate your living room in a spring way, try them and your space will fill like spring filling you with happiness!

First of all, a spring space should be airy and full of light – so, big windows and neutral colours will help you. If it’s impossible to add skylights or open up the windows removing the curtains, you may place some mirrors to reflect the light and fill the space with it, or maybe add some layers of artificial light.

Choose colourful accessories and furniture: pink and emerald cushions, colourful curtains and rugs. Floral patterns are the best choice for this time, so you’d have everything in blossom both outdoors and indoors. Bring in some floral pillows, blankets, hang curtains and place rugs and you won’t need to change anything else – spring will be in your space already! If you don’t want to change much, place a single bold chair, add some colourful throws and cushions that you can change later, put a printed rug on the floor and some blooms and greenery – faux or natural, doesn’t matter.

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Don’t forget green plants and real flowers to enliven the space, if possible, add them, too. Look for some more ideas below and choose yours!

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